Families Children Benefit from Expansion of Newborn Screening Program

first_imgNewborn babies in Nova Scotia will soon receive better protection from harmful conditions such as sickle-cell disease and cystic fibrosis thanks to expanded screening services. “We want Nova Scotia babies to have the best possible start in life and these new screening tests will give parents the information they need for early detection and treatment,” said Health and Wellness Minister David Wilson. “As a parent myself, I remember when both of my children were born and the joy and worry the experience can bring. To a parent, there is nothing more important than the health of your new baby.” Babies born in Nova Scotia are currently screened for 13 conditions. This expansion of newborn screening will add sickle cell, cystic fibrosis, and eight additional conditions to the screening with funding from the 2013-14 provincial budget. Sickle-cell disease is an inherited blood disorder that affects people of African ancestry and other ethnic groups, including people of Mediterranean, Caribbean, Middle-Eastern, Asian or Hispanic descent. Early detection and treatment of sickle cell can prevent many complications and lead to longer, healthier lives. Dartmouth mother Winnell Jackson, whose eight-year-old son Kynan has sickle-cell anemia, said this is good news for Nova Scotia families. “Newborn screening for sickle-cell disease will save families some of the angst and worry that parents experience when their child is ill and they are not quite sure what is wrong,” said Ms. Jackson. “With newborn screening, families know from day one what they are dealing with and this early diagnosis will make a huge difference helping children live healthier and longer lives.” The province is also funding the screening for cystic fibrosis, a common genetic disorder affecting Canadian children and adults. An early diagnosis and intervention for the associated respiratory and nutritional needs of patients can have a significant impact and can help those affected lead longer, healthier lives. Paul Nurse of Sackville, whose daughter Carys was diagnosed at 18 months, welcomed the news. “This will give children a better chance from the start,” said Mr. Nurse. “An early diagnosis could avoid early damage to the lungs, which inevitably can lead to healthier and longer lives. This is what all parents want for their children, the best opportunity for a successful life and future.” The expansion of newborn screening is part of government’s broader initiative to ensure families will have better access to the supports they need to ensure their children get a strong start due to changes and funding announced in this year’s budget.last_img read more

Chinas biggest coal mine goes diesel with Bucyrus CL10C compact loaders

first_imgBucyrus has delivered five CL10C compact loaders to China Shenhua Energy Co for operation in the longwall mines managed by Shenhua Shenfu-Dongsheng Coal Co. The 10 t capacity loaders are the first electronically controlled diesel vehicles supplied to the Chinese underground coal mining industry. They are designed to raise loads to a height of 1 m directly onto the cookie plate via the hydraulic winch, and can be used in a wide range of applications including general mine transportation and maintenance work, longwall installations and relocations, cabling and piping installation and stone dusting. Bucyrus says its record of successful delivery, commissioning and reliability supported Shenhua’s decision to purchase Bucyrus diesel vehicles to continue to meet its production targets. The CL10C continues the modular concept behind the Compact Loader platform, allowing flexible configuration that is not possible with a unibody frame design. Bucyrus can offer multiple variants, with direct pin-on cookie plate attachments and buckets and forks for dedicated application and Bucyrus Rapid Attach System attachments for utility vehicle tasks. Engine package options, automatic and manual transmission systems along with pilot hydraulic control or full electronic control systems are also available.Tyres are kept in constant contact with the roadway by means of 45o articulation and 8o oscillation via an articulation joint between the tractor and cookie plate sections. This allows the vehicle to follow surface contours safely and remain stable. The diesel powered CL10C has permanent four-wheel drive through automatic transmission, resulting in smooth gear shift and optimum gear selection and control over various gradients with different loads.Power is supplied by a 173 kW EPA Tier III Caterpillar C7 six-cylinder diesel engine, delivering controlled power and torque. This low-emission engine combined with Bucyrus wet-exhaust package and the option of particulate filters, gives power and performance, while minimising emissions.Horizontally mounted radiators and fans allow clean air to be drawn in at the top of the machine eliminating fan blade damage and increasing operational flexibility. This layout also gives the operator good visibility.The Bucyrus Diesel Control System, integrated with the Engine Control Module, continuously monitors the operation of the CL10C from pre start-up vehicle integrity check to observing data to ensure safe operation. The system continuously assesses environmental conditions such as methane levels along with equipment and machine integrity. If a hazardous situation occurs, it first provides a condition warning via the display followed by controlled automatic shutdown.The instrument cluster offers full monitoring of all vehicle systems via a 150 mm colour LCD display. The cookie plate lift and winch are joystick controlled, with all displays and controls highly visible and within easy reach. An air-suspension seat and restraint system minimise operator fatigue.last_img read more

IN FULL Martin Callinans statement on his decision to retire

first_imgThose nearly 41 years, though at times challenging, have been enjoyable and fulfilling. This is due to the standard of people I have worked for, worked with, and led during this period of time.“The work I carried out throughout my career could not have been done without the support of numerous men and women, and for this I would like to thank all who I have worked with during my service.It also could not have been achieved without the support of the many thousands of members of public who I have come in contact with and who I hope I have helped in some small way during my career.“Since becoming Commissioner in 2010 I have never failed to be impressed by the dedication of all serving members and civilian staff even when they faced significant professional and personal challenges.“The last four years have seen major changes in An Garda Síochána, which were always done in the best interest of the community for whom we do our job. Although some of these changes have not always been easy, statistics from the CSO have shown that they have resulted in a reduction in crime throughout the country. This change in delivery of a policing service has, I hope, provided communities and individuals with a sense of safety and security in their daily lives.“I would like to thank the members of An Garda Síochána who I worked with during my time as Commissioner for their support and willingness to adapt for the benefit of the citizens of the State.I have great confidence that the delivery of an excellent policing service by excellent people will continue as it has done since An Garda Síochána’s foundation.“I wish my successor, current members of An Garda Síochána, and those due to join later this year my continuing best wishes and wholehearted support.”Read: Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan has resignedVIDEO: Here are the comments that led to Martin Callinan’s resignationExplainer: 6 reasons why Martin Callinan resigned as Garda Commissioner Catch up: Everything you need to know about GardaGate in one place > IN A SURPRISE move this morning, Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan resigned, with immediate effect.In a statement this afternoon, the 60-year-old said he had decided to retire (not resign). He also made no reference to the ongoing whistleblower controversy and failed to withdraw or apologise for remarks made about former garda John Wilson and Sergeant Maurice McCabe.Callinan was due to retire last August, on turning 60, but Minister for Justice Alan Shatter extended his term in office by two years, which should have seen him lead the forced until August 2015. However, there had been indications that he would call it a day later this year.Here is today’s statement, in full: “In the best interests of An Garda Síochána and my family, I have decided to retire. I felt that recent developments were proving to be a distraction from the important work that is carried out by An Garda Síochána on a daily basis for the citizens of the State in an independent and impartial manner.“Having joined An Garda Síochána in May of 1973, it has been a great honour and privilege to have spent nearly 41 years as a member of this tremendous organisation, serving the people of Ireland.last_img read more