Air pollution in Xining has six priorities

in January of this year, when the fog and haze shrouded more than half of China, Xining people proud to bask in the sky above their heads. All along, the blue sky is the one thing in the Tibetan Plateau in Xining most proud of, for this piece of blue sky guardian of Xining, let the people breathe more fresh air, mayor Wang Yubo pointed out that air pollution is the most basic livelihood of the people, is the largest public interest. Relevant departments should strengthen confidence, determined, and strive to improve the city’s air quality, for the people to create a good environment for production and living. A field of air pollution control in Xining fully started the battle, a number of environmental protection departments, with "dare to sing bad cop, dare the wicked" the courage to the six major areas of pollution of air quality in Xining to attack. read more