Steps taken to Assist Electrical Service Connections

first_img The province, in co-operation with Nova Scotia Power, hastaken steps to help expedite the reinstallation of electricalservice connections for those who have suffered severeelectrical damage as a result of Hurricane Juan. On Tuesday, Sept.30, the Public Safety Division of theDepartment of Environment and Labour streamlined the approvalprocess required to reconnect an electrical entrance (meterbase and pipe) on a building. There are about 5,000 Nova Scotians (4,000 in Halifax RegionalMunicipality and 1,000 throughout northeast Nova Scotia) whosuffered severe damage to their electrical service entrance.It is the responsibility of the homeowner to have a certifiedconstruction electrician request a permit from Nova ScotiaPower Incorporated (NSPI) and complete the repairs before NSPIcan put them in the queue for reconnection. NSPI says it isset up to make sure this permitting process is completed in atimely and efficient manner. NSPI says it has scouters on the ground, in HRM and thenortheast, going door to door to identify customers withelectrical service entrance damage. They are providing thesecustomers with detailed information on what steps they need totake to help restore power to their homes. About 500 homeowners have already had this repair workcompleted and are now lined up to have NSPI reconnect theirservice. NSPI expects to have power restored to more than 95per cent of its customers by Friday, Oct. 3, and then willdeploy its crews to clear this waiting list over the weekend. The province again reminds residents to have only certifiedconstruction electricians do the repair work and not try itthemselves. As well, do not attempt to connect a house thathas electrical power to one that does not by way of anextension cord. Improper connections will place both housesin danger of an electrical fire and are dangerous to NSPIstaff working on the lines. Portable generators are notintended to be connected to the main wiring within your house.Customers can use extension cords from their generator to feedportable appliances and lamps. Customers that have damage to their electrical serviceentrance should ensure their main breaker or switch is in theoff position until power has been restored. Everyone who doesnot have power should check stoves and other heating equipmentto make sure that they are turned off. When electrical poweris restored, a stove or other heating device can cause a fireif it is left unattended. -30- ENVIRONMENT/LABOUR-–Steps taken to Assist Electrical ServiceBackloglast_img read more