NS call centre rehires nearly 500 with added benefits plans to grow

SYDNEY, N.S. — A Cape Breton call centre that abruptly closed last month has hired back more than 90 per cent of its workforce, offering enhanced benefits and increasing entry-level wages.The Sydney Call Centre Inc. is holding a ribbon-cutting ceremony today to thank the community and celebrate its official reboot — and the company’s first pay day.  Owner Anthony Marlowe says about 480 workers have returned to the operation after being laid off by the previous owner of the facility just before Christmas. It reopened Jan. 2. He says the company now provides workers with free medical and dental benefits as well as life insurance, which he calls a small investment in the health and well-being of the loyal and dedicated workforce.Marlowe says he was met with applause today after workers cashed their first pay cheques in several weeks.Tanya Wilneff, a director at the call centre, says the company has received a “solid flow of resumes,” a stack which now sits at around 400, and plans to grow the workforce.Marlowe says the call centre may add training capacity to accelerate the addition of new workers, with plans to add 50 full-time equivalent positions by spring.The Canadian Press read more