Senior UN relief official visits Philippines to review humanitarian needs

Catherine Bragg, the Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator, will also meet with Government officials and humanitarian partners in the capital, Manila, to discuss how best to provide those in need with better protection and assistance.“At least 698,000 people continue to require humanitarian aid in central Mindanao,” said Ms. Bragg. “This includes those displaced, people who have returned home or resettled elsewhere, as well as other vulnerable groups in need of assistance.” UN humanitarian agencies and partners have this year appealed for $33.3 million to fund relief operations in Mindanao. Key gaps remain in health, food security, nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene, shelter, protection monitoring and rehabilitation of basic social infrastructure. Ms. Bragg will discuss with Government officials how the international humanitarian community can best provide coordinated support to complement the country”s response to natural disasters.“The Philippines is among the world”s most disaster-prone countries. The people of the Philippines live with the constant threat of typhoons, floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions,” said Ms Bragg.“The international community is here to support the Government in providing the quickest and most effective response in times of crisis,” she added. 19 November 2011The deputy United Nations emergency relief coordinator today embarked on a five-day mission to the Philippines to review humanitarian needs of people affected by conflict and natural disasters. read more