New year demands new ways to get fit

first_imgWith the new year underway, you might have an itch to give the gym a shot again.But before you undertake your resolution to be more active, only to give up on that resolution three weeks later, let us walk you through the newest trends in fitness.Exercise science, just like every science, is constantly evolving, and being fit in 2019 doesn’t mean you need to run six miles each day or lift hundreds each gym visit.Sherri McMillan, the owner of Northwest Personal Training in downtown Vancouver, said some of the newest trends in fitness revolve around improving mobility and pliability. It’s less about being “strong and fast,” she said, and more focused on peak performance, efficiency and injury prevention.“What we’re seeing more and more of is mobility and release training to help people become more mobile,” she said. “It’s ‘I need to be able to move through my normal joint range of motion pain-free.’ Not just lifting as heavy as you can.”This all comes down to “using muscles and joints in the ways they are designed to move,” McMillan explained. She said that stretching, and using foam rollers or vibrating, massaging tools have become more popular. People are recognizing more of the importance in breaking down fascia to gain more mobility and decrease tightness. She said that over time, tissue can become sticky and tight.last_img read more