Energy Adviser Teach kids electrical safety

first_imgChildhood today is filled with more electronic devices than ever before, yet electricity continues to be as dangerous as ever. The best thing adults can do is educate children of all ages about electrical dangers and take the time to minimize potential hazards.“The most dangerous things about electricity are that you can’t see it, there’s no sound, no smell — really nothing to warn you when it’s on,” said Tommy Jensen, Clark Public Utilities safety and environmental manager. “It’s important to teach children how to recognize the risks and proactively avoid them.”Now that the warm weather has finally arrived and summer vacation is right around the corner, kids are going to be spending lots of time outside. In light of that, make it a point to take them outside and teach them about the many dangers of overhead wires.No one should ever touch a fallen wire by hand, with a tree branch, or anything else. Clark Public Utilities is one of several utilities that suspends lines above ground, but only a trained professional can tell if it’s an active electric wire or some other wire.If you’ve got a climber in your life, be sure to teach them to stay out of trees growing near power lines. The line could have been damaged by a squirrel or something else, causing the live wire to be exposed. If a child then brushes against it, the results could be catastrophic.last_img read more