It’s Complicated: Warner Music Comes Back to YouTube

first_imgfrederic lardinois Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Warner Music, which had removed its videos from YouTube after licensing talks with Google broke down last year, just announced that is has reached a new deal with YouTube and that Warner’s music videos will once again appear on YouTube. The partnership, according to the official announcement, covers the complete Warner catalog and “includes user-generated content containing WMG acts.” Warner will be able to monetize user-generated content thanks to Google’s Content ID technology, which can detect copyrighted content in YouTube videos and then allow the copyright holders to sell ads against this inventory.According to Google, the partnership is based on a revenue-sharing deal. Thanks to this deal, YouTube users will now have access to videos from all the major record labels and most of the major independent labels as well. Warner Will Sell its Own Ads and Get a Custom PlayerJudging from the announcement, it is clear that the Google Content ID system (which was just integrated with YouTube’s stats package earlier this week) was a major factor in bringing Warner back to YouTube. It’s also important to note that Warner will sell its own advertising inventory. Thanks to this, as Billboard’s Antony Bruno points out, Warner will be able to set its own prices and keep the majority of the ad revenue, even though it will share revenue with YouTube. Bruno also notes that YouTube will create a branded player and custom artist-channels for Warner’s content and that Warner hopes to include more commerce and social networking features in this player. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostingcenter_img A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Tags:#news#web Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…last_img read more

Painting With Light: How To Fundamentally Approach The Craft Of Cinematography

first_imgMany of us focus heavily on cameras, gear, lenses, and other equipment as a means to create a cinematic image, but there is so much more that goes into making a cinematic image.The most important tool that you have as a cinematographer is your knowledge of the craft, because the more you understand the fundamental science of your work, the less you will need to rely on your tools.Creative ChoicesArguably one of the most important aspects of your style as a cinematographer, is your ability to make unique creative choices based on the script or project that you are working on. Above and beyond all else, being able to conceptualize the look of a film (usually along with your director) is what you are hired to do, so it’s always important to bare that responsibility in mind. Even trained cinematographers often fall into certain styles or habits and start to repeat themselves on projects that vary significantly in tone and style, and when this happens the films they work on run the risk of feeling dull or uninspired.The best way to approach any project as a cinematographer, is to prioritize “the look” that you’re after. Look at the film early on and question it. What type of mood needs to be set in each scene? When are the major plot points, and what can you do to emphasize them with the lighting? How can some of the themes and motifs in the script be adapted visually? These sort or basic questions will easily help you to identify some rules and parameters that you set up early on that will ultimately affect the tone of the final film. For instance, you might decide that scenes with a certain character are going to be backlit to emphasize their personality, or that any time you shoot daytime exteriors, you will underexpose as a means of creating an unsettling tension even in brighter moments of the film.Lighting ScienceKnow what you want the film to look like is one thing, but actually knowing how to achieve that look is another. It’s so important to understand lighting science as a cinematographer, as it will ultimately make your life so much easier and make your work so much better. By lighting science, I am referring to things like lighting ratios, light quality, and color. Simply understanding the basics of a three point lighting setup really isn’t enough – Not only because you won’t always want to use a three point setup, but also because any traditional lighting setup can look vastly different based on the lights and modifiers being used. For example if you use a tungsten lamp as your key light and point it directly at your talent, it is going to set a very different mood than if you were to flip that light around, bounce it off a white board, and create a softer light. This look will vary even more once you factor in the distance of the light/source from the talent as well as the type of light and bulb strength.The bottom line is that lighting science is crucial to know if you want to be able to work quickly on set while still getting the great, stylized look that you’re after. The great thing about understanding lighting inside and out, is that you don’t necessarily need an elaborate lighting kit to get the look you’re after. A trained DP can work magic with natural and practical lights, especially when shooting with a camera that has a decent sensor (just about an DSLR these days fits that bill!). At the same time, an inexperience DP can have all the best lights and modifiers in the world and the scene can still look poorly lit. If you’re just starting out, I would suggest working with natural light or practical lights (such as lamps, street lights, etc.) first, as it is a very organic way to understand the science of lighting by experimenting. As you start to need lights, bounces, negative fill, or any other tool, you can then expand your kit and make the purchases that you actually need based on your own work.Camera MovementThe last thing I’ll touch on here is the importance of camera movement. If we take a step back and remember the first point that I made with regards to making creative choices on set, your camera movement (or lack of it) is one of the best ways to define your look. For a simple example, imagine the difference in tone and feeling of a film shot entirely hand held and one that is entirely locked off on a tripod. The mood instantly changes. As you might imagine this notion extends quite far and ultimately every scene must be approached critically to decide what type of camera movement works best. A dolly shot? Handheld Tracking? Possibly a small jib move? All of these techniques will help the viewer to understand the filmmakers intentions with the scene, so make sure that you choose your camera movement wisely.It’s also very important that you don’t over-do camera movement. Just because you have a slider doesn’t mean it should be used in every shot. And too many different types of moves shouldn’t usually be employed in the same scene (unless very carefully choreographed) or else the scene may become cluttered and unfocused. For instance a big jib shot might work well to open up a scene, but then if you cut back to it again, or even end on a reverse of that same jib shot, it will feel redundant. Another example would be if there is a dialogue scene at a dinner table, and the wide shot is pushing back and forth on a dolly, while the closeups pan back and forth between the actors on their lines. In some unique circumstances this might actually look good, but if it’s a romantic dinner setting or a quiet meeting between friends, this will feel way too intense.ConclusionLighting is really so much more than the tools that we have. If you are able to craft a scene beautifully and intentionally using your knowledge base on light quality, lensing, and camera movement, your work will look fantastic. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to shoot on the best gear – I of all people can relate! But always remember that the gear is only there to capture the best version of an already beautiful scene that you are creating, rather than capturing an image and hoping the camera and post-production will do the work for you.If you are interested in learning more about lighting I highly recommend checking out the Lighting for Video series here on PremiumBeat’s website. While you’re there read up on the latest filmmaking news or learn some more creative filmmaking techniques.What techniques do you use when approaching cinematography? Share in the comments below.last_img read more

Our Favorite After Effects Tutorials of 2017

first_imgLooking to improve your After Effects game? Check out these AE tutorials to level up your skills.Cover image via Shutterstock.Let’s face it. Adobe’s After Effects has cemented itself as an industry mainstay for motion graphics and visual effects. With its focus on animation and creative compositing features, After Effects is shaping up for another kick-butt year in terms of cross-platform integration and user satisfaction.If you’re looking to up your game and learn some more skills and tricks, we have a great collection of tutorials to share with you. Let’s check some out.How to Crop in After EffectsLet’s start with something simple. Caleb Ward over at RocketStock, offers a quick and simple lesson (or a reminder for some) in this tutorial on how to crop in After Effects. You can read more about the three easy steps in his blog post.If you’re looking to touch up your skills, getting a glimpse of another editor’s workflow can be a great warm up — especially before we dive into some heavier tutorials below.Colorful Text and Logo RevealIn this tutorial from SonduckFilm, we learn how to make a colorful logo animation reveal. The tutorial is great if you’re looking to spruce up your next project with a little more life. Sonduck explains the technique quite simply, which you can also use for outros. Here’s the full post at SonduckFilm.Create Animated IconsIn this video tutorial by PremiumBeat’s own Josh Noel, we take a look into the world of iconography and how to create animated icons in After Effects. The tutorial also includes free project files along with links for assets and music to fill out your next video. You can read the full write-up here.Elegant SlideshowFeel like your photo slideshow projects are lacking flash and style? Check out this tutorial from GFXfarm to give your photos a full array of motion and substance. The tricks are great for customizing your slideshows with unique effects. You can check out the full post here.Power Rangers Zordon EffectWhether you’re a fan of the classic kids’ show or excited about the new blockbuster reboot, any creative visual effects fan would love the opportunity to explore the effects in the new feature. In this video, also from RocketStock, Caleb Ward breaks down how to work with masks, 3D cameras, and point lights to create the effect. For the full project files and a look behind-the-scenes, check out the post here.Gambit Card ThrowAdrian at ProductionCrate gives you inspiration and tips on how to create your very own X-Men-inspired Gambit card-throw trick, which we all know and love. All you need is a camera, a friend to rack focus, and a short video of yourself pantomiming the throw before you dive into the edit.“Split” Inspired Movie TitlesIn a tutorial by one of our own here at PremiumBeat, Joshua Noel takes inspiration from M. Night Shyamalan’s latest indie-blockbuster hit Split to show you how to create your very own replicable title sequence. You can check the full write-up for the tutorial here.What’s your favorite After Effects tutorial of 2017? Let us know in the comments.last_img read more

Protests erupt in Kashmir Valley against alleged rape of 3-year-old

first_imgProtests erupted on Monday in parts of the Kashmir Valley against the rape of a three-year-old, allegedly by a local youth in north Kashmir, forcing the authorities to close all educational institutes. Divisional Commissioner of Kashmir Baseer Ahmad Khan appealed to people to maintain peace, brotherhood and law and order. “Justice will be done and the culprit will be given severe punishment as per law. It will be investigated on a fast track,” he said.On Thursday, the youth allegedly lured the child with a candy and raped her in Sumbal area’s Trehgam locality.A medical report is yet to be produced.The child’s family said she was sexually assaulted by the youth who lives in their neighbourhood. Violent protests broke out for the second consecutive day in parts of Baramulla, Srinagar and Bandipora districts. Protesters closed the Srinagar-Baramulla highway. The authorities decided to close schools and colleges as a precautionary measure. A spontaneous shutdown was observed across the Valley over the incident.Youth arrested: policeA police official said the youth had been arrested, and a special investigation team constituted to investigate the case. The head of a local school who issued a birth certificate to the accused, declaring him a minor, has been arrested. A medical team is likely to determine the accused’s age through scientific measures.All political parties, religious and social groups have condemned the incident.”Mortified to hear about the rape of a three-year-old in Sumbal. What kind of a sick pervert would do this? Society often blames women for inviting unwanted attention but what was this child’s fault? Times like these, Shariah law seems apt so that such paedophiles are stoned to death,” Mehbooba Mufti, former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir said in a tweet. People’s Conference general secretary Imran Reza Ansari described the incident as a crime against humanity and demanded severe punishment to the accused.”The need of the hour is to set up a fast track court for punishing the accused. Action should be taken against the school for issuing a fake date of birth certificate to show that the accused is a minor,” said Mr. Ansari.Mirwaiz’s pleaHurriyat chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq appealed for unity and vigil against some elements who want to divide people on sectarian basis.”A fervent appeal to all the people of Kashmir to maintain unity and vigil, especially in view of mischievous forces waiting to create a sectarian divide out of this most reprehensible crime against a child which is indeed a crime against all humanity. All of Kashmir stands in unison,” said Mr. Farooq.last_img read more