St Anne’s and Christ Church launch Aim for Oxford scheme in the North-East

first_imgThe Aim for Access programme was initiated in September, and a statement from Christ Church said at the time: “The North East of Eng- land is the most under-represented region at Oxford, and we believe deeply that diversity is essential to the flourishing of a lively academic community and to Oxford’s future as a hub of social mobility and intellectual exchange. Geographical The North East has traditionally been one of the most poorly represented areas at Oxford – according to the University’s own statistics, the region contributed only 2.1% of the 7,470 students admitted between 2016 and 2018. The launch took place at New- castle Sixth Form College, a coeducational college in the middle of the city. diversity is something Oxford needsto continue to work on and we areexcited to be part of that throughAim for Oxford”. St Anne’s launched its “new sustained outreach program” Aim for Oxford alongside Christ Church on Saturday. Up to 40 students will be assistedfrom the beginning of sixth form,throughout the application processand up to their arrival at Oxford.The College has specified that theinitiative is aimed at economicallydisadvantaged students and thosefrom underrepresented groups,alongside strong academic results atGCSE.center_img Meanwhile, Christ Church’s outreach team visited schools south of the River Tyne, talking to Year 12s at Hetton School in Sunderland as well as younger students at Jarrow School, near South Shields, before heading north to King’s Priory School in Tynemouth, displaying the College’s ambition to forge concrete links across the region. In her opening address, St Anne’sprincipal Helen King explained that“you’re only the best if you attractthe brightest talent [and] the hard-est working people to you.” Theprogram aims to forge stronger tiesbetween the University and areato establish a clearer pathway forapplicants who may otherwise nothave applied. The scheme is aimed at emboldening students attending North East state schools to apply to Oxford, bridging what has typically been a large divide between one of England’s most economically disadvantaged areas and one of its most vaunted academic institutions. Beyond this, Christ Church has also advertised a History Competition open specifically to North-Eastern state school students. The competition is focused upon oral history, asking applicants to “conduct an interview with a member of their local community about their experiences of migration. They should then submit a short essay, summarising their findings.” A number of applicants will then be chosen to discuss their project with an Oxford historian. last_img read more

Starting center’s status uncertain due to hand injury suffered against New Hampshire

first_img Published on October 10, 2012 at 12:23 am Contact Jacob: [email protected] | @Jacob_Klinger_ Facebook Twitter Google+ Shiann Darkangelo is trying to play through a hand injury, but Syracuse is preparing for the potential of life without its starting center.“We’ll see what she can do,” SU head coach Paul Flanagan said. “She probably won’t be able to shoot like she’s been able to shoot, but maybe she can help in other ways, so we’ll see what happens and kind of go from there.”A slash on her hand and a collision in SU’s 4-3 loss to New Hampshire on Friday kept Darkangelo out of Saturday’s 5-2 loss against then-No. 10 Northeastern. Darkangelo received a cast for the lower part of her left arm and hand before practicing with it on Tuesday. Darkangelo was not made available for comment by SU Athletics. Her status remains uncertain for this weekend’s two-game set against Penn State in State College,Pa.The sophomore was last season’s third-leading scorer with 18 points, scoring seven goals and 11 assists. Darkangelo’s hard shot, crease presence and movement would be missed if she cannot play. Yet Flanagan and his players are confident others can pick up the slack.“She’s definitely one of our key players and creates a lot of offense for us, so, I mean, going into last game we knew we were taking a hit in the offensive end,” captain Holly Carrie-Mattimoe said. “So I guess a lot of us have to step up and kind of fill that role that we’re missing.”AdvertisementThis is placeholder textWithout Darkangelo on Saturday, the Orange struggled to link its attack through the neutral zone and into its attacking sets. Sophomore center Allie LaCombe said Darkangelo’s passing ability makes it easy for her teammates.When Darkangelo was a senior in high school, freshman defender Nicole Renault played with her for Little Caesars Under-19s. Renault is one of SU’s more composed passers, and she has an extra appreciation for Darkangelo’s positional sense.“She sticks, she’s always getting open for the pass, she’s always talking, being a good teammate,” Renault said. “If you make a good pass she’ll make sure to let you know.”Darkangelo also carries her weight on defense, back-checking on opposing defenders sneaking into the zone.LaCombe struggles skating back and keeping track of opponents on defense. But Darkangelo teaches her something new on defense every day in practice.“If I watch her then I know what to do because she’s very smart,” LaCombe said.Renault said her teammate refuses to leave her defenders out to dry. Yet Darkangelo’s hard shot may be her greatest asset to the team.More than 80 percent of goals are scored on rebounds, Flanagan said. The speed of Darkangelo’s shot produces opportunities for teammates closer to goal, an area of weakness the Orange is looking to improve before taking on a PSU team that employs a conservative defense.“When teams pack it in in front you try to get somebody off to the side and you know just getting somebody back door, that kind of thing,” Flanagan said. “So we could use her size in front of the net and down low and just getting rebounds.”At 5 feet 9 inches tall, Darkangelo is the team’s second-tallest player, and while the team could miss her physical presence around the crease, others are expected to fill the void.Renault pointed to 5-foot-2-inch forward Melissa Piacentini, who was SU’s top performer in the beginning of Saturday’s game before recording her first career assist on fellow freshman Laurie Kingsbury’s third-period goal.Flanagan said Darkangelo is trying to play, but regardless of her status for Saturday, the entire offense is expected to step up.Said Flanagan: “Whether it’s (Darkangelo) or Emily or anybody, we got to start getting some production. But I feel good about this group.” Commentslast_img read more

‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ is sports, and I won’t be convinced otherwise

first_imgWinning a game of “Warzone” might not be as enthralling as winning a game of pickup to you, but the rush is all the same. It does take a bit of hard work, which is weird to say for someone coming from my generation, probably one of the last “go-outside-and-play” ones in human history. But for future generations, this is all they might know. A gamer might not be able to throw 95 mph, but there’s no guarantee a star pitcher might be able to push mid-lane on “LoL.”This all said, hopefully pSports are back soon and we can get back to talking about which meathead beaned a batter for flipping his bat, or talking about the latest Zion dunk highlight.But until then, I’m going to keep slamming Ring Dings and coconut water while dropping hot on Boneyard. So some of us are going to find things to talk about and enjoy. Whether it’s politics, music, cooking, “Tiger King,” or trying to push the narrative that “Call of Duty: Warzone” is sports, like I’m about to do.MORE: Does Modern Warfare 2 remastered have multiplayer?When “Warzone” dropped a few weeks ago, I gave it a shot, and now I can’t get enough of it. The free-to-play Call of Duty game is the latest of what seems like an endless field of battle royale games, the latest big trend in multiplayer gaming. The concept is simple: You drop into a safe area (colloquially known as “the circle”) and battle other opponents as the circle shrinks in size every few minutes until there’s a winner, whether it’s solo or with a team.I’m an avid gamer, I always have been, my whole life. I buy and play (and trade in) more games than I’d care to admit, and more than my wife needs to know about. (Hi, sweetheart! No need to check the bank account). But through that all, I’ve always kind of rejected the concept of eSports as pSports (that’s physical sports).No matter how much I gamed, I always rejected eSports as an equal to pSports. It seems ridiculous as a concept, right? You mean to tell me that because I grew up playing “GoldenEye” on my N64, that I could have made hundreds of thousands of dollars playing eSports? Come on.But after long discussions with friends who are deeply embedded into the “League of Legends” cult, I’ve come to a conclusion: eSports are sports. Period. End-o-story.Most multiplayer games require ample coordination. They require communication. Teamwork. Strategy. Quick decision-making. In a battle royale game, it’s open competition, where you have to beat out up to 149 different players to get a win. And some of it is a bit of dumb luck. Needless to say, when a pumpkin-headed moron teammate decides to rush into an area on his own before alerting teammates and gets killed, it’s a bit of a frustration.Sounds a lot like sports, doesn’t it? Teammates or athletes who go into business for themselves will often cost the team something — whether it’s a scoring play, a match or a title. The parallels are endless.Playing fields always change, after all. The sports world is always evolving in some way, whether it’s through strategy, analytics, technology or equipment. Why can’t that be true on the whole?That might hurt for the Facebook user who’s about to leave a lovely comment: “I thought this was SPORTING News?!” Listen, the argument of “who’s an athlete and who isn’t” is a debate as old as time. Are golfers athletes? NASCAR drivers? Curlers? The answer is yes. Athletes come in all shapes and sizes; a dude who sucks down donuts can still be athletic, even if he doesn’t look it. The same can be said about sports.”Fortnite” (or “Fork-knife” for the meme aficionados) is one of the biggest gaming sensations to hit the planet since, well, probably “Call of Duty 4,” which released in 2007 and drastically changed online multiplayer gaming forever. While online gaming stretches back decades, the capabilities due to technology make the possibilities limitless. Now, pro sport teams sponsor eSports teams around the world, dumping millions of dollars into a drastically expanding field.MORE: Tyrann Mathieu rage quit vs. Tyreek Hill in MaddenSome games ratchet up the intensity, like “Rainbow Six: Siege” — a 5-on-5 tactical shooter that requires strategy, coordination, precision and communication, and as of February, the game has over 55 million registered players around the world. Pro league events happen throughout the year with some of the biggest eSports organizations and teams moderation. Prizes for first-places winners can eclipse the six-figure mark.Obviously, the physical aspect of eSports — or lack thereof — is what’s going to turn people off to the debate. Yeah, you’re not slapping on your favorite jockstrap and cup combo and grabbing the Gatorade squeeze bottle from the cabinet to play “Warzone” (though staying hydrated is important, folks). No, you probably won’t catch a top play on “SportsCenter.” There might be a little bit difference between watching a tight end get blasted over the middle vs. a sick 1v5 on “Siege.”Still, playing a video game competitively requires a fair amount of skill and coordination, after all. Most “League of Legends” players retire before they’re 25 years old; a fair amount of that is because the reaction time required to play some of these games slow around age 24 — and some of them retire as millionaires and then decide to enter the world of streaming video games. That field itself has grown increasingly popular among not only former eSports players, but pro athletes as well. Stick to eSports?Obviously, it has been a bit of a drag without having live sports around, right? So all of you who you so desperately want to #sticktosports aren’t going to do that over the next month or two or three. We are humans, after all, not simply sport-content drones, so it’s nice to have other interests. Though sports are passion (and sports are life for a lot of us), it’s a rough time for fans, writers, athletes and everyone else afflicted.last_img read more

After 17 years, Buffon bids tearful farewell to Juventus

first_imgIt was the 656th game for the evergreen 40-year-old who arrived in Turin in 2001 from Parma for a then world record 52 million euros fee.The goalkeeper and captain was substituted by coach Massimiliano Allegri to take an ovation before 40,000 emotional Juventus fans many with their eyes filling with tears.Juventus were two goals up thanks to Daniele Rugani after 49 minutes and Miralem Pjanic three minutes later when Buffon came off the pitch.He hugged all his teammates, on the field and on the bench, and then left the sidelines.Goalkeeper Carlo Pinsoglio made his Serie A debut between the posts in his place.Buffon had said he did not want anything special for his final game.“I want to live this day normally. I ask nothing except what I have already had, esteem, affection and respect. The rest I do not need it. As a child, I did not like birthdays and be in the centre of attention,” Buffon had said.But there was resounding applause and singing as the goalkeeper and Juventus captain emerged from the locker rooms before his final game.He was accompanied onto the pitch at the Allianz Stadium by his three children — Louis Thomas and David Lee, with the youngest, Leopoldo, in the arms of his partner Ilaria D’Amico.“There is only one number 1, there is only one number 1”, they sang in the tribunes before kick-off, as Buffon hugged his teammates one by one. In the south tribune Juventus fans unfurled a banner: “Only those who try the absurd reach the impossible”. A giant flag with the image of the goalkeeper covered the stand. There were messages “17 years with you. Thanks Gigi”, “Gigi Buffon, immortal hero” and “Gigi, Santo Subito”.Buffon embraced each of his teammates including his successor Polish keeper Wojciech Szczesny and new captain Giorgio Chiellini and took his place in between the posts for his final game.The crowd cheered his every move with his first save made after quarter of an hour against Algerian winger Mohamed Fares.The moment everyone was waiting for came after 63 minutes as Buffon again hugged every teammate, every member of staff, waved at the crowd until he got to the bench, rested his head back and sighed with eyes closed, before leaving the sidelines.– ‘Simply the best’ –Golden farewell for Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon © AFP / Marco BERTORELLOTeammates also paid tribute with Sami Khedira tweeting: “It has always been an honour for me to play side to side with a living legend. Glad we can celebrate another Scudetto today!” “100 games together, 1,040 days, smiles, tears, hugs,” tweeted Paulo Dybala. “You’ve taught me so much. You are the captain of my successes. I wish you to be happy in the future my captain, I will miss you. Today we must have fun together again.”After winning the Italian Cup, SuperCup and UEFA Cup with Parma, Buffon went on to claim nine Serie A titles, four Italian Cups and five SuperCups with Juventus, in addition to winning the 2006 World Cup with Italy.On the pitch Alessio Cerci pulled one back for the Verona after 76 minutes, ending Juventus’s bid for a record 23 games in one season without conceding a goal.It was also the final game for Ghanian Kwadwo Asamoah and Swiss Stephan Lichtsteiner.Juventus had wrapped up the Serie A title last Sunday in Rome, but lifted the trophy for the 34th time after the game.The storm did not stop hundreds of fans, many of whom had gathered outside, lining the route as the open top bus then made its way to the centre of the city.Despite trailing Napoli for much of the season Juventus ended the campaign with 95 points from 30 wins including 16 at home.“We fought with Napoli throughout the year, we tip our hats to them, but we were the best,” said Allegri. “We missed the icing on the cake, which is the Champions League, but we can’t know how it would have ended in extra time against Real Madrid,” he added of a match in which Buffon was controversially sent off.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Italy great Gianluigi Buffon played his final game for Juventus on Saturday before tearfully exiting after a trophy-laden 17-year career © AFP / MARCO BERTORELLOTurin, Italy, May 19 – Italy great Gianluigi Buffon played his final game for Juventus on Saturday before tearfully exiting after a 17-year career as storm clouds gathered during a 2-1 win over already relegated Verona.Buffon — who had captained Juventus to a seventh straight Serie A title and fourth consecutive Italian Cup triumph this season — took his final bow midway through the second half before rain came down and thunder rumbled over the Allianz Stadium.last_img read more


first_imgCastlefinn NotesCoffee MorningA coffee morning in aid of the Syrian Refugee Crisis will be held in St. Vincent de Paul Drop In Centre on Friday 25th September from 10am-2pm. Any donations of home baking would be much appreciated, contact Siobhan Mc Kee or Edel Meenan on 087-2300821.Please come and support. Everyone welcome. Doneyloop Youth Club LtdThe Annual General Meeting of Doneyloop Youth Club Ltd will be held in the Youth Club premises,Doneloop on Wednesday 23rd September 2015 at 8:00pm,Everyone is welcome.Community Employment Scheme: Doneyloop/Castlefinn Youth Clubs (Donegal Youth Service)Are you currently unemployed: on the live register for at least a year, 25years or over. Would you like the opportunity to work with the young people in Doneyloop/Castlefinn Youth Clubs, if yes please contact Lee Stephenson, CE supervisor, Donegal Youth Service, Tel 074-9129630 for more information. Jiving ClassesAlways wanted to jive? Now’s your chance. Jiving classes starting in the CPI Centre on Tuesday 15th September from 8pm-9pm and running for 10 weeks, these classes are being organised by Castlefinn Celtic. Classes also starting on Monday 21st September in Donoughmore N.S. Liscooley ,class time 7:30pm-8:30pm.Walking groupCastlefinn Walking Group is starting back on Wednesday 16th September at 10:30pm.Everyone welcome and bring a friend!Computers Anyone interested in computers skills, the following courses will be run in the CPI subject to demand. All courses are FETAC accredited-Beginners-Internet skills-Word processing For more information please contact CPI on 074-9143976Castlefinn 50+ ClubCastlefinn 50+club meeting will take place on Thursday 17th September at 7:30pm in the Drop In Centre ,Diamond. New members welcome.Finn Valley CE Project LtdFinn Valley CE project CES are recruiting eligible participants, vacancies are for environmental workers in Castlefinn and Killygordon. If you are long term unemployed and in receipt of UB/UA or one parent family payment for one year or longer. Apply to the Finn Valley Community Employment Project Office @074-9193770 E-mail [email protected] for more informationWhistLadies: 1st Kathleen Mc Cay, Strabane172,2nd Molly O Hare,Strabane166, 3rd Geraldine Vambeck, Lifford162Gents: 1st Francie Curran, Castlefinn165 2nd David O Donnell, Letterkenny164, 3rd Tommy Murphy, Letterkenny1601st Half: Willie Meehan, Castlefinn872nd Half: Adrian Mc Connell, Raphoe84Snowball begins next week again €140 for 179 or better. Everyone welcome to St Marys Hall at 8:30pm every Wednesday.If you would like any information included in the weekly notes, please contact CPI Office on047-9143976 or call into centre.DD LOCAL: CASTLEFINN COMMUNITY TO HOST COFFEE MORNING FOR REFUGEE CRISIS was last modified: September 15th, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Castlefinn noteslast_img read more