Sumner County Sheriff Weekly Report: March 24 – March 31, 2014

first_img        Johnson, Crystal34Wichita Ks800 N Oliver, Belle Plaine, KsSUSODriving while suspended3/24/14 NameAgeHome TownLocation of ArrestAgencyChargesDate of Arrest Medina-Meraz, David23Wichita KsI-35 MP 33 Mulvane KsKHPOperate without a valid license3/24/14 Guillory, Andrew J.27Houston, TX.I-35, MP 32KHPFailure to appear3/28/14 Neppl, Brenda Lynn51Milton, KS1346 N Argonia RD Milton, KSSUSODV Battery3/29/14 Reaka, Paul29Derby, Ks211 N Second Mulvane KsMPDFailure to appear3/24/14 Johnson, Jason38Wellington, KS.610 E. Hillside, Wellington, KS.WPDServe Sentence3/29/14 McMiller, Joseph T.22Wichita KsMcClain County JailSUSOConspiracy aggravated Robbery, Battery,  and Attempted Aggravated Robbery, and Sedgwick County warrant for P.V.3/25/14 Voss, Kelsie J.24Mulvane, KS.510 S. Park, Mulane, KS.MPDDomestic Violence Battery3/27/14 Hunter, Tyere L.20Newton, KS.1000 E. U.S. 166SUSOD.U.I. and  Minor in possession of alcohol3/30/14 Sorrells, Robert M.23Mackinaw Il.I-35, MP 6KHPDriving while suspended3/25/14 Green, Douglas G. Jr.37Conway Springs, KS.Gateway Apt.’sConway Springs P.D.Violation of Protective Order3/27/14 Bail Bondsman Hughes, Rayshon27Wichita Ks610 E. Hillside, Wellington, KS.SUSOServe Sentence3/28/14 Stewart, Melissa39Newton, KS.501 N.Washington, Wellington KS.SUSOFailure to appear X 23/27/14 Stewart, Caleb D.26Wellington, KS.324 N. Blaine, Wellington Ks.SUSOTheft, Burglary,  and Interference with L.E.O.3/25/14 Wellington PD3 McGinn, Christina22Wichita Ks501 N. Washington, Wellington KS.SUSOProbation Violation3/25/14 Monday 0600  to  Monday 0600  WEEKLY   BOOKINGS 3/24/2014 thru 3/31/2014 center_img Cunningham, Travis20Wellington, KS.14th and Washington, Wellington, KS.WPDD.U.I.3/30/14 Phillips, Juliana27Plano, TX.1000 N US81 Belle Plaine, KsSUSODriving under the influence, Invalid drivers license3/29/14 Ryberg, Kathleen J.18Wellington, KS.900 W. 90th Ave, Belle Plaine KSBPPDT.O.C., and Liquor purchase/Consumption by a minor3/29/14 Sumner Co14 Conrad, Amber M.24Wellington, KS.900 W. 90th Ave, Belle Plaine KSBPPDD.U.I., T.O.C., and Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor3/29/14 Haskin-Ybarra, Eric24Wellington, KS.522 N. “F”, Wellington, KS.WPDCriminal Damage to Property3/30/14 Mulvane2 Garlow, Nicholas29Wellington, KS.2200 N A St Wellington, KsSUSODriving under the influence3/31/14 Sedgwick Co40 Bookings Belle Plaine2 Bosely, Bonita J.51Belle Plaine, Ks.920 Brooke Rd., Belle Plaine  Ks.SUSOD.W.S., and 2 Sedgwick County warrants3/25/14 KHP4 Rocco, Jerry28Wichita Ks610 E. Hillside, Wellington, KS.SUSOServe Sentence3/28/14 Brunner, Dustin25Wellington, KS.610 E. Hillside, Wellington, KS.SUSOServe Sentence3/28/14 Worthington, Andrew35El Dorado Ks610 E. Hillside, Wellington, KS.SUSOServe Sentence3/28/14 Conway Springs PD1 Rafael-Antonio, Eulogio29North Platte, NEI-35 MP 2 South Haven KsKHPOperate without a valid license3/24/14last_img read more