Sony demos flexible epaper at SID 2011

first_imgIf all you want to do is read lots of books on the go, then choosing an e-reader over a tablet brings with it a few key advantages. E-readers are thinner and their batteries can last 10,000+ page turns, or over a month in general usage. But just like tablet devices, they remain rigid in a plastic or metal casing.Sony looks set to change that fact by introducing a flexible form of e-paper. The new display was on show at the SID International Syposium, Seminar & Exhibition in Los Angeles last week. It uses an organic TFT coupled with peri-xanthenoxanthene for the semiconductor layer. Spin coating is then used to create the finished e-paper ensuring very thin, even film layers that allow for flexibility without compromising the surface or components in the display.AdChoices广告The e-paper on show was not color, but outperformed current e-reader displays in both size and resolution. Sony used a 13.3-inch sheet that has a resolution of 1,600 x 1,200 and can be bent to a “curvature radius of 5mm.” Such a curvature allows the display to be almost folded over.Read more at Tech-On!Matthew’s OpinionE-readers have a number of ways they can be improved in future models. Color is probably the most desired feature, but also larger and thinner affordable devices would be high on a user’s wish list. This e-paper from Sony may go one step further, though, and remove the rigid casing from such devices.Scaling the Kindle, Nook, or Reader up to 13-inches would require reinforcing the casing and would require a larger case or bag to carry it around in. With this flexible e-paper you could roll it up when not in use instead. That not only protects the screen, but also makes for a much smaller device to carry in a bag.If Sony can get this flexible display showing color then they are certainly on to a winner. The only question that remains is whether it can be produced for around the same price as current e-paper displays?last_img read more