BitTorrent forces software install to unlock free music Updated

first_imgUpdate: It turns out this isn’t as bad as first thought. When you click the download link a second link is available that allows you to download the files without the software.Have you ever bought a new computer only to boot it up and find a load of software pre-installed that you never wanted and will never use? The same is now happening to music tracks you download on BitTorrent as part of a new deal to generate revenue.The first of these deals sees DJ Shadow offer some of his music for free, but BitTorrent is bundling the download with at least one piece of software. Most people will get RealPlayer. In return, BitTorrent and DJ Shadow split any revenue generated from the download and that software you are forced to install.The content on offer includes 3 tracks from DJ Shadow’s Hidden Transmissions, archival footage from his MPC era, and a photo vault and time capsule. The time capsule includes unreleased material from his new project.It sounds like a lot of content for free, but in order to gain access to it you have to install the media player, or whatever software BitTorrent has chosen to bundle in your region of the world. BitTorrent is touting the download as helping to “support creative collaborations”, and they intend to do it with a number of artists, for film as well as music.It’s unclear what happens after you unlock the content, but I think it’s safe to assume you can uninstall any software you don’t want. The hassle of doing that will drive many to not bother, and instead wait for someone to upload the content without the mandatory install. It’s inevitable that is going to happen.What I’d like to know is what kind of revenue they expect to be sharing from each download. Can it really be that much? If it’s only a few dollars a download, then I’d suggest doing a “pay what you want” offer like the Humble Indie Bundle would probably generate more and get DJ Shadow more/better publicity in the process.You can download the DJ Shadow bundle for free right now via BitTorrentvia Gigaomlast_img read more