By CARP Uganda Kyalo Ivan On March 26 2016 we h

first_imgBy CARP Uganda, Kyalo Ivan: On March 26, 2016 we had kickoff Micro-gardening project carried out by Carp students of agricultural and rural innovation from Makerere university at Peace Embassy Uganda under leadership of the carp campus chapter leader, Mr. Alinaitwe cleofash.We had 10 participants and among them 8 were new students who joined after hearing the testimonies about Carp activities from the three students who had attended the previous seminar.There was an introduction about carp by vice president of Carp Uganda, Mr. Kyalo ivan. He basically spoke about the vision, mission and strategic initiatives after which we went for micro-gardening project which included setting a bed of tomatoes as our first step and where by the new members had fill carp registration form in essence the they become carp members. Participants agreed to come back after a period of 3 weeks for setting up stakes and transplanting seedlings.Participants said in their reflections that it was pretty great and an amazing experience because it opened up a practical world for their life.This project came as a result of the previous seminar held on March 5, 2016. The theme for that seminar was “understanding leadership towards environmental changes in building world peace”. During that seminar, at the discussion time  the carp students came up with a resolution to start up sustainable projects as a way to encounter climate changes and food security:micro-gardening and vermin culturefish farminglast_img read more