Air pollution in Xining has six priorities

in January of this year, when the fog and haze shrouded more than half of China, Xining people proud to bask in the sky above their heads. All along, the blue sky is the one thing in the Tibetan Plateau in Xining most proud of, for this piece of blue sky guardian of Xining, let the people breathe more fresh air, mayor Wang Yubo pointed out that air pollution is the most basic livelihood of the people, is the largest public interest. Relevant departments should strengthen confidence, determined, and strive to improve the city’s air quality, for the people to create a good environment for production and living. A field of air pollution control in Xining fully started the battle, a number of environmental protection departments, with "dare to sing bad cop, dare the wicked" the courage to the six major areas of pollution of air quality in Xining to attack.

urban dust pollution control focus

construction site dust control measures are not in place, penalty! The city will focus on urban construction, demolition site dust pollution prevention and control. "Xining municipal government notice" on the strict control on City Dust: the implementation of the code for building demolition site dust control measures, the implementation of a closed construction enclosure; do the hardening and dust sprinkler; all kinds of reactor materials (slag) all closed storage and storage specification coverage, muck and garbage; implement the sediment transport vehicles cleaning. Stop with mud on the road. Increase the dust control measures are not in place to investigate and deal with the construction unit, to promote the construction and demolition units to actively implement measures to prevent dust pollution.

muck truck, garbage truck must be closed transport. The city will also take strong measures to strengthen urban construction waste, garbage management, increase road dust prevention. All vehicles entering Xining especially heavy trucks must take airtight, cleaning dust control measures; sediment transport vehicles before the end of October 2013 to achieve full closed transportation; the purchase of special watering vehicles, strengthen road sprinkler cleaning operations, expanding the scope of cleaning before the end of 2014, the urban roadways sweep rate of more than 60%; strengthen the living garbage collection point, dust pollution source management, strictly prohibited open burning of garbage, garbage collection be closed, timely removal, keeping the city clean.

– banning serious pollution of coal. According to the "Xining coal environment pollution prevention and control work plan", before September 15, 2013, to determine the location planning area four building centralized coal trading market, the basic completion of standard coal centralized trading market construction tasks throughout the year, and to carry out a comprehensive work of the city’s 92 coal heap places banned remediation, serious pollution, coal business license business households and coal yard, effectively solve the city’s coal dust pollution.

– full use of commodity concrete. Strengthen the construction of cement dust pollution prevention and control work, the construction site shall not engage in concrete, mortar mixing operations, will be ready to use ready mixed concrete and mortar.

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