North District Construction Bureau to carry out the law into the countryside activities

Consciousness of

to further enhance the legal awareness of the villagers and study the law, understand and abide by the law, usage, Chengbei District Construction Bureau of urban construction closely combined with the actual work, perfecting the law into the rural working mechanism, through various forms of promote the "law into the countryside comprehensive development. One is to establish a leading group and its office, improve the funds safeguard mechanism, to ensure that the "law into the countryside" activities carried out; two is in flood water, urban and rural planning law and other promotional activities, the blackboard, panels, banners, posters and other forms of publicity and the village people’s life is closely related to the professional laws and regulations broaden the channels, the legal knowledge; three is the use of the demolition of the village to go home and the opportunity, combined with the investigation and resolve contradictions and disputes, promote the relevant laws and regulations and policies for the demolition of the villagers, the villagers demolition popularization of relevant legal knowledge, strengthen the legal awareness and rights; four is the use of twinning and Jian Wei with little chance, helping to cash donations, the old brick sidewalk, helping the village village appearance has a bigger change; five is to reward the rural Sexual housing construction as an opportunity to communicate with the villagers face to face, to understand the idea of the new village resettlement housing construction and recommendations, and strive to ensure that rural housing construction will reflect the wishes of the villagers.


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