A new round of social organization assessment will begin

Recently, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department of the province’s social organizations to assess the work of the meeting was informed that the province is about to carry out a new round of social organization assessment. It is understood that since 2009, in accordance with the unified arrangements and requirements of the Ministry of civil affairs, our province started to carry out the first round of classification evaluation of social organizations, there are 1201 social organizations participating in 4 batches, accounting for 2234 of the 54% participating social organization. Among them, the provincial and Xining City, East Sea city participation rate reached 80.2%, respectively, 66% and 79.3%. Through 5 years of efforts, the implementation of the evaluation index system of the basic form, working process and mechanism of mature, sound work system basic goal, a positive effect on the development of social organization and management of the assessment work has appeared. By the provincial Office of credit for a wide range of comments and comprehensive assessment, Qinghai province Ge Sanghua education assistance and the Qinghai construction industry association and other social organizations won the first batch of ten best social organization title. In the past three years, there have been a total of 47 social organizations that have been evaluated to implement the central government to support social organizations to participate in social service projects, the number of beneficiaries reached more than 20 people in more than 55. In accordance with the principle of grading, classification and evaluation, this year, the provincial level social organizations to assess the work, to cooperate with the work of the trade association and the administrative organs of decoupling, focusing on arrangements in the industry association. The same year the provincial and carry out the assessment of social organizations of the region, to participate in the first batch of the first round of evaluation for over 5 years as the focus of social organization, has not participated in the assessment of the appropriate balance, but the conditions of the social organizations, and evaluation work carried out in later districts to the first round is not complete the assessment of the social organization as the key. To conduct a general evaluation to various social organizations for years, has not yet been carried out to assess the work of the region should start as soon as possible, to ensure that completed during the year should not be less than 30% of the total participating social organization, and completed the first round of social organization in the assessment work by the end of next year.  

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