Sing the flowers to 11 people

In the recently held the tenth session of the northwest provinces and regions in the flowers of the concert, the Xinjiang Uygur singer, Kazakh singer joined the show, refreshing five. This is the song of flowers have been recorded since the first appearance of 9 ethnic minorities outside the flowers. At this point, the nation has been added to the flowers of the 11, for the development of flower art to inject new vitality.As the soul of Western folk songs,

flower was listed as the intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2009. The flower queen Su Ping, joined the famous flower art singer He Qingxiang, Tang Xiang and Northern Shaanxi ten king Li Guangming response to advocate and promote the five provinces in the northwest Flower Concert, has been popular, get a positive response in five provinces of the singer, and initially formed in the five northwest provinces and scholars build consensus brand lift flowers. At present, the concert is the largest concert in the northwest region, the most popular, the most popular singer, the singer’s most vocal concert, at home and abroad has formed a wide range of influence. Our province is home to Xining Lantau Peak flowers, the main venue of the leading and guiding role, the concert had radiation to the province most state city, become a propaganda great beauty Qinghai golden name card and powerful motive to promote economic and social development of Qinghai and the new cultural formats. Every year during the event, will receive nearly a million people in response. (author: Wang Zi)


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