The province’s urban and rural housing construction key projects progressing smoothly

start the comprehensive management of agricultural and pastoral areas of garbage, and promote the 10 counties of agricultural and pastoral areas of domestic sewage treatment pilot, the construction of the city’s underground comprehensive pipe gallery and the construction of the sponge city to make new progress…… This year, the province’s urban and rural housing construction work in the correct leadership of the provincial government, farmers and herdsmen in shantytowns, renovation of dilapidated buildings, plateau beautiful countryside construction, urban planning, urban infrastructure construction, construction technology and other key projects progressed smoothly, to further promote the urban and rural construction, improve the productive and living environment, improve people’s livelihood living life happiness index.

it is understood that, in 2016, the province’s shantytowns task 80 thousand and 300 units (households), the province’s farmers and herdsmen renovation plan for the family of 65 thousand. At the end of August, urban shantytowns started 63 thousand units (households), basically completed 44 thousand and 600 sets, occupancy 37 thousand and 400 units (households), respectively, to complete the annual objectives and tasks 78%, 85% and 74%. Farmers and herdsmen renovation started 58 thousand and 600 households, the operating rate of 90%, completed by the completion rate of 33 thousand and 400 households, the rate of 51%. Has completed the preparation of 300 plateau beautiful rural villages, the implementation of financial subsidies of $728 million, completed an investment of 2 billion 227 million yuan. Launched a comprehensive agricultural and pastoral areas waste comprehensive treatment for a period of five years, and actively promote the Menyuan Hui Autonomous County, Guide County 2 national sewage treatment demonstration county and Huangshui River Basin, Qinghai Lake area 10 counties in agricultural and pastoral areas sewage treatment pilot work. 41 villages included in the list of national traditional village protection, the village of 20 to fight for the central grant funds of $60 million.

in urban planning management, the province completed the "Qinghai Province, the eastern city of group of urban system planning" "eastern city group integration of urban and rural planning" revision work, the overall planning of cities and towns in Qilian, Guide and Maduo counties have been approved by the provincial government approved the implementation of. The city construction land control detailed planning coverage rate of 85%, the state and county seat up to 65%, grew 5%. Guide, Dulan, Haiyan County Mutual Aid three continue to do the "three rules" pilot work, completed the development strategy of county planning work.

urban infrastructure construction, the city of East Sea and Xining were included in the national underground comprehensive pipe gallery and the construction of a model city sponge City, to fight the national special fund 2 billion 640 million yuan. Xining has started construction of 27.77 km underground pipe gallery, sponge city construction PPP model has reached a preliminary cooperation agreement. Selected in the construction of the East Sea and the construction of the five provinces of China and Hong Kong Group joint underground comprehensive pipe gallery, in 2016 actually started construction of 6.53 km.

building energy conservation and green building, at the end of August, the implementation of the central and provincial public buildings and residential construction of energy-efficient transformation of the existing subsidy funds 138 million yuan, completed an investment of 214 million yuan. 2 million 650 thousand square meters of existing public buildings and energy conservation projects have started construction of 680 thousand square meters, a total of 1 million 280 thousand square meters of existing residential building renovation tasks have been started.


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