Round the city for forty years to win

In December 28th, Xining New Year’s day race once the organizers, participants and our older sports workers gathered in Xining area of new year’s Day review race forty years of arduous course, talked about the traditional sports brand made brilliant achievements, the city’s impact on all walks of life and contribution, they said with emotion: new year’s day to race forty the city won a different kind of wonderful.

on the same day, there are nearly 60 representatives from the community to participate in the forum, some of them are past sports system leader, have served as the race of the referee, some win honor for our Province Sports Olympic medal winner, some are always adhere to participate in the competition of the public, there is at present in the sports educators. People in the memories of the new year’s day when the hardships of the first round of the tournament, the new year’s day round of the tournament is the first one from the beginning of a jar of toothpaste, when funds are tight, lack of equipment, do only 3000 yuan a year of funding. At that time the schedule is long, the weather is cold, the whole run down, the player’s body has a layer of frost. But that is in such difficult conditions, new year’s day race has insisted down, become the only capital city to the forty years of the race, it is not easy. At the same time in forty years on, the race scale becomes larger and larger, the influence continues to expand, not only become a brand of sports activities in our city, and gradually become a window to display the city spirit, becomes the enterprise to expand its influence, the return of social platform, as people celebrate the new year of the traditional program.

director of the Municipal Sports Bureau Zhou Decheng said, adhere to the Xining area forty years of new year’s day race, not only with the city people forged a deep affection, add a lot of vitality for the city, but also for the construction of life of the city, the city of happiness has laid a good foundation. (author: Ge Wenrong)


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