Strong new impetus to improve the efficiency of our province’s financial supply

in order to accelerate the supply side structural reform, the financial system of our province on the three to fall for a "five major tasks, adhere to the problem oriented and goal oriented, innovation" financial linkage mode, fully mobilize all kinds of financial resources to support the real economy, and constantly improve the efficiency of financial supply, the development potential is growing.

this year, our province issued the "Qinghai province" guidance on financial capital injections from the government investment fund to support industrial development, the integration of the financial subsidy funds as a guide to attract funds, leveraging social capital to initiate the establishment of industrial development, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, circular economy, transportation, culture, tourism, Tibetan medicine and other 10 branches of government investment the fund, to further standardize the use of fiscal funds, improve capital efficiency. At the same time, to promote the "Fund + loan" mode, Agricultural Development Bank of China Development Bank, a total of six batches of special construction funds 23 billion 125 million yuan, effectively supplement 310 capital projects, counter cyclical adjustment and promote investment effect. Light industry investment fund, municipal infrastructure fund to support the construction of the park, the development of enterprises and municipal construction and other fields 6 billion 180 million yuan.

addition, our province efforts to extend direct financing "legs", with high efficiency and low cost of financing for enterprises. Issue of the country’s first single 1 billion 200 million yuan of non-financial enterprises green bonds, the completion of the first single northwest $940 million stock pledge financing. Luqiao was first listed IPO approved, Tibet successful backdoor listing price of potash. Qinghai equity trading center through the green easy to melt platform for 12 small and medium enterprises to issue private debt of $236 million, an increase of 100%. Huarong Kunlun, Qinghai Asset Management Co listed operations, Minsheng Bank branch opened in Xining, China Everbright Bank, Xining Branch continued to promote the construction, Huaxia Bank Xining branch was allowed to build, rural credit cooperatives reform steadily. At the same time, our province and Chinese Huarong, Minsheng Bank, Ping An insurance, Taikang signed the "13th Five-Year" strategic cooperation agreement, Qinghai was listed as the only national inclusive financial comprehensive demonstration zone pilot province. Up to now, the province to establish a village credit studio 1230, the cumulative payment of loans of $2 billion 225 million, the service benefits of 916 administrative villages of the masses of 220 thousand. The establishment of financial services for poor households and poverty alleviation and development of financial services banking system, 50 thousand poor households to carry out a credit rating, the issuance of various types of precision poverty alleviation loans of $2 billion 990 million.


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