The performance appraisal of our city is excellent

Recently, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, in August, the provincial Civil Affairs Department in conjunction with the Provincial Department of Finance arranged to honor the 2015 annual urban and rural subsistence allowances work supplement funding of $6 million 60 thousand. From 2013 onwards, the province has been carried out for three consecutive years of urban and rural low performance appraisal, the cumulative payment of performance appraisal award to honor the work of $15 million.

it is understood that, from June to July this year, the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Department of finance is composed of working group of the province’s 8 cities (prefectures) and counties under the jurisdiction of Qinghai Province, in accordance with the "minimum living security work performance assessment methods (Trial)" and "performance in Qinghai Province, the minimum living security work in 2015 of assessment indicators and assessment standards" the document, by holding seminars, check ledger, household surveys and other methods, around the implementation of the minimum living security policy job security, capital efficiency and archives management situation of the examination. The working group on the basis of project appraisal and evaluation standard for all job security and management of 2 major categories of 16 items one by one assessment score, and has achieved remarkable results or highlights areas a plus, for violation of discipline or media exposure phenomenon area set up sub reduction. After comprehensive assessment, to determine the city of Xining and other 4 cities (States), Datong County, 14 counties (cities, districts) for the year 2015 outstanding performance appraisal unit.

from this year, the results of the performance appraisal is not only linked to the allocation of work subsidies, but also linked to the allocation of social relief funds. By carrying out performance assessment work, and by governments at all levels attach great importance to the work of social assistance, mobilize and stimulate the enthusiasm of the country, effectively promoted the social assistance policy implementation.


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