The Sea View Street put on new clothes

Recently, the west side of the road landscape renovation project was officially completed. Street to wharf wall, slope roof, brick brick form fully embodies the Xing Hai Lu Hehuang culture style, and attracted a large number of people stop to watch. It is reported that this year, more than 2700 yuan to invest in the West District of the sea along the coast of commercial shops along the street to carry out a unified upgrade, and the implementation of the street landscape landscape lighting project. The reporter learned that, in recent years, the West City District to improve the level of construction and management in planning a high starting point, high standard construction and high level management ideas, constantly enhance the bearing capacity of the city and accumulation of radiation. As of now, West District Fire Village, Jia Xiaobei lane, lane road reconstruction project construction research also completed. At the same time, urban greening, landscaping, lighting work in an orderly manner, the new green street landscape 4, five color three-dimensional grass shaped flower beds 6. Tongren Road city landscape renovation, Huangshui River landscape renovation (green) and fire ditch area road greening engineering construction and renovation, 71 door 54 Street Road Park District Yasuoki the Yellow River road reconstruction, small garden facilities renovation of city infrastructure construction projects are tense construction. Urban renovation project not only wearing new clothes for the city, and create a harmonious and comfortable environment, in a bustling commercial district atmosphere at the same time, and strive for the majority of modern urban residents and tourists to create livable tour.  

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