During 13th Five Year in the Pearl River Delta will be built 1 hours transit circle

Chinese in the Pearl River Delta will be built in 1 hours of urban rail transit network, this project has become a key construction project of Guangdong during the 13th Five-Year ". After the completion of the daily load of 5 million passengers.

25 filed on the twelve people’s Congress of Guangdong Province four meeting of 13th Five-Year in Guangdong Province, according to the draft plan, the next 5 years, the Pearl River Delta city rail construction will also include Dongguan Huizhou, Foshan Dongguan, Guangzhou Qingyuan, Guangzhou Foshan, Jiangmen Zhuhai and other lines. Thus, the Pearl River Delta city group will form a 1 hour urban rail transit circle".

to the end of 2014, the Pearl River Delta region gathered a total population of more than half of Guangdong’s population density of 1044 people per square kilometer, is 7 times more than the national average. The intensive advantage of rail transportation is particularly prominent. The results show that, in the case of the same amount of transport, rail transit line covers only 1 / 8 of the general highway, is the highway’s 1 / 3.

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