How much does it cost to open a sushi shop

sushi, in my opinion is Chinese people in Japan sushi rice and vegetable roll, just more tricks. Sushi, originated in Japan in recent years, with the Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges and integration, sushi became one of the delicacy loved by our people, especially with Chinese dietary characteristics of sushi, consumers are significantly increased, so a sushi shop has become a good choice.

as the saying goes: "money is not everything, no money is totally unacceptable, for investors and entrepreneurs, to open a sushi shop, the first impulse is money, then open a sushi shop about how much money should be prepared more appropriate


opened a sushi restaurant, one of the main investment is store and store decoration, decoration in the store location and must not be vague, although not necessarily if lots of gold, but also traffic relatively many places; store decoration should pay attention to, although not too luxurious, but also to warm comfortable, especially to meet the modern young people’s ideas, because to sushi consumption mostly young people.

, another major cost is the cost of joining, the choice of projects when you first look at whether the project can be in their own capital to withstand range, and then in the range of several multi choice project selection.

above is the main cost of joining a sushi shop two, other places need to spend less money. According to the professional assessment division budget, open a small sushi shop about 5-6 million.

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