Experience partial words to improve the site conversion rate

is usually unpopular word, or a phrase, or even a sentence, there are so many users use search engines can input some unexpected things, such as search "seamless steel tube", "Liaocheng seamless steel tube" such words, even "Liaocheng seamless steel tube company" and the like phrases or sentences. ZhengZhan optimization of the action to show in the template for modification and adjustment of link structure and page structure adjustment, make more in line with the rule of calculation of the search engine, and more friendly to visitors, such ZhengZhan optimization, can use search engine in order to calculate the list of keywords extraction principle, mining a lot of keywords, to get good rankings. So that the flow of the station greatly increased. Most is several times over. ZhengZhan optimization of the greatest characteristic is not himself in a specified keyword, along with the increase of your content, automatically extracted a lot of key word search engine ranking. Such an approach, in line with the rules of the search engine, the following Hou Qinglong analysis by partial words to improve website traffic and user conversion rate.

ZhengZhan optimization focus first on partial words. Partial words are usually referred to in addition to the core keywords and secondary key words other than the key words. A website in addition to the core keywords can bring a lot of traffic, partial words can also bring a lot of traffic to the site, and even the total amount of the flow of key words than the larger.

select keywords from the user point of view, to improve the site conversion rate.

No matter how high the

traffic, improve the conversion rate of the visitors to the opportunity to make the enterprise most needed, and ZhengZhan optimization can significantly improve the conversion rate.

from the search engine: if you are Liaocheng housekeeping manager, you need to use the service, the partial word "Liaocheng domestic" "Liaocheng domestic service" "Liaocheng homemaking company" "Liaocheng home network" search to customers than the simple search key word "housekeeping" brought to the customer flow with the customer conversion rate is much higher, and the optimized bidding competitors are also reduced, not only reduced the website competitiveness, save resources, but also to achieve a better ranking, get more user access. How you are a large web site, the analysis of the collection of hundreds of partial words, not only less competition, natural return on investment has increased.

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