What are the main ways to promote the beauty shop

The rapid development of the automotive industry

also allows more rapid development of related industries, automotive beauty industry is the industry, for the operators of car beauty stores, do a good job in the promotion of products, can effectively enhance the brand influence, occupy the market share of more. Exactly how to do it? What are the practical methods? Let’s go and see it.

a, sample promotion, the sample is free of charge to the owner or for their use of goods. Samples can be sent to the key customer unit or sent by mail, in the car beauty shop can be interested in all samples to provide or attached to other consumer goods.

two, coupon promotions, coupons are printed in the car beauty shop for the promotion of the scope of the store, usually made of bills. The owner of the coupon can use it to buy some of the specific goods to offset some of the cash, or use it to make some automotive beauty decoration services to achieve a specific discount. The shop should pay attention to the authenticity of the coupons in the use of this promotion mode.

three, discount promotions, car beauty stores and discount coupons are the two methods almost, the difference is the promotional discount after purchase or service, discount cash payment to the owners. The coupon is to advance the discount. Timely launch of a series of discount promotions, for those who have a lot of money shortage of consumers to buy temptation.

four, gifts and special promotions, gifts refers to a low price or free to provide customers with a commodity, to stimulate the purchase of a particular brand of goods. Do promotional gifts joint manufacturers to do the best, otherwise only by the operator to provide their own gifts are often too expensive. A special offer is a commodity that is offered to a customer at a price lower than the normal price.

five, reward promotion, reward is the owner of the shop to buy goods, to provide them with access to goods, cash opportunities. For example, in the winter comes to all free riders automotive antifreeze. A bottle of water glass free rewards in the shop to replace the oil filter and the owner. Purchase a membership card owners provide a free car beauty service etc..

six, try to promote, it is to send goods to some customers, let them free trial to stimulate their interest in the brand products.

seven, warranty promotion, in the case of the owner of the quality of goods valued more and more, the product quality assurance has become a very effective sales promotion. Especially for some high technology content of durable goods, such as car GPS positioning systems, car audio systems and other commodities, should undertake the warranty period, conditions can be combined in a certain period of time shifting and manufacturers to implement free maintenance, which solved the owners consumption recommendation

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