Seven big money online business


network has changed many people’s lives, but also brought new business opportunities in the market, there are many traditional industries can be moved to the network, then, let’s take a look at the online business which are the best selection of projects.


"Zippo" and "bedding". Buy gifts is always spent thinking of the job, now more and more people gifts tend to taste and personality, with a lighter grade symbol of certain cultural Zippo to become the new darling. Only Zippo classic chrome, a style, in 2003 the annual sales of more than 20000. The bedding of the hot selling shows another major feature of online shopping – practical. Home decoration can be seen in the owner’s taste and mentality, or elegant, or cartoon, or fashion.

cosmetics online?


"crystal" hot. The crystal has been one of the most active classification of online transactions, the new darling of fashion jewelry and personalized crystal pendant favored by buyers. Moreover, crystal, silver and jade jewelry sales, led the 2004 network sales heatwave.

women’s shoes?Compared with


the region with a great relationship. If you are located in some of the characteristics of the products, specialty goods, very famous, you can consider the operation of this area oh. This is a great advantage. Others do not want to do kazakhstan. But some products, such as the need to do the food is no way.

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