Need to pay attention to the use of child safety seat

now, a lot of families in the children are still young, they will provide them with child safety seats, so that children live better. So, as a parent, do you know that child safety seats can also be dangerous? Understand these, in order to provide a safer life for your baby.

The use of

12 should use a safety seat. The new proposal to 1.5 year old baby to try to use the installation of basket type child safety seat; 1 ~ 3 years old with using integral safety seat five point safety belt, or use the increased impact baffle seat; 3 ~ 6 years old children can use the car with adult belt use increased to 6 seats; the 12 year old children can be used in conjunction with the increase of car safety seat or booster cushion etc..

protection for children, parents must give them a better job, safety knowledge to bear in mind. Know the importance of children’s seats and its proper use, in order to allow children to live a safer life, so that parents are more at ease.

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