Three coup Zhang Yuying cigarette business

how to operate the business of cigarettes will fire? This is a lot of people are concerned about the problem, although it is now a fierce competition in the business, but if you have a set of mature business skills, the same can make the cigarette business is very hot oh. Henan County of Tanghe province "Qi Yi Xiang Yu Ying, shop cigarette and liquor vendor" customers are always willing to continue, business is booming, the surrounding peer praise. "As a shop owner in the fierce competition, want to run the shop, sell all kinds of cigarette, we have to use their brains, keep pace with the times, keep pace with the times, in line with the times, actively face the real needs and changes in the current market and cater to the local consumers." Zhang Yuying shop, although the time is not long, but she did not cover to reveal their own store "coup".

a coup

personally suck: let the new volume fireworks up

Zhang Yuying said that the new cigarette are confused for the majority owner, love hate. But she likes to try and dare to buy new cigarettes. We all know that the new cigarette market, the need for a transition period, consumers lack of understanding of the new smoke, need fast gradual, especially the rural market, customer awareness and early adopters is not very strong, often not easy to open the consumer market. At this time, Zhang Yuying came up with a coup.

Every new

list, she did not hesitate to open the bags on the counter when smoking products. Every day the Agora, as long as the customer came into the shop, Zhang Yuying smiled and went up to give the customer handed a new cigarette, don’t forget to learn your cigarette cultural knowledge introduction to the customer a. Let the customer in the store on the spot to attract, let the customer experience the difference between the cigarette and other cigarettes, where the only way to let customers buy no worries.

Shortly before

, Yunyan (Garden) listed in Henan, Zhang Yuying is the use of the customer in the store when the surface products suck, let customers feel the difference between ordinary and low tar cigarette cigarette, after taste from neighboring grade people recognized, with the reputation of the legend, gradually, all kinds of low tar cigarettes in fine her store opened, there are a lot of customers into the store also point to buy such a smoke. Experienced customers also said that in order to make their products more healthy, we later began to change the taste, so that the new low tar cigarettes began to rise.



: let the atmosphere follow up sell slow-moving smoke

mentioned "unsalable" cigarettes, most business owners are very worried, because the drug does not sell cigarette shop will occupy a part of the capital, had more rain in summer, but also cause mildew, caused huge losses. However, this is simply a piece of cake for Zhang Yuying is. The cigarette is not caused by slow-moving, >

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