The young man opened a tea shop to embrace the wealth of the future

entrepreneurship shop, the requirements of investors, and did not have too much on the age. Modern people want to start their own business as a boss, especially for some young people. In order to complete their dream of entrepreneurship, following Mr. Yu, a young man to open a tea shop, harvest wealth in the future.

Tianjin, a pearl of Bohai on the banks of the Haihe River, the largest port in northern China, recently ushered in a headquarters of tea from Tianjin, one of the four municipalities directly under the central city of mr..

Mr. Yu came to the

in "Michelin" before has about five Hot Tea, HK Style to join the brand enterprises, initially called "Michelin" customer service calls, but also holding a look at the mentality, should hold are not much different views, but when Mr. Yu heard talk about the "Michelin" manager market confidence the customer service service, visit Hangzhou to urge arouse immediately. Seeing Mr Yu think he is a positive, sun laugh, body with some mature and young people, in the past, the franchisee, regardless of identity, which age is two or two bit more common to join headquarters to understand the information, but this young man is alone. Without any help to a backup, but for his determination and courage to feel appreciation and admiration.

Mr. Yu came to the headquarters of

has told us he is love the name "Michelin", to Hangzhou in the past few days could not eat, sleep, now understand the "Michelin" customer service service and product series, the heart of stone off, want to start training is a pressing matter of the moment immediately, and then accompanied by staff under the store location, waiting for the opening, when fully equipped for, even signed a franchise agreement with Michelin brand franchise agreement.

during the training and Mr. Yu talked, he found some distraction, preoccupied by some troubles, a period of silence after he said, I hope the whole family is a person in my body, I have confidence in myself, what I can do is a person, I am afraid that if I opened a person do not, how to do ah. Mr. Yu is responsible for the original is too strong, too desperate to prove himself in front of his family, put all his savings and energy are put in, he saw the helpless appearance of anxiety, the market manager said to him, please rest assured that you are not alone, we are your "Michelin" Pro people, we also put when your family, when you decide to cooperate with us at the moment, we are your most intimate friends. No matter what problems you have, we will always help you and support you. We have confidence in you, you have to have confidence in yourself, must not be discouraged. In the strong support of the headquarters, as long as every step to follow, I believe that soon, you will be able to get your due return and expectations.


is a character of sunny, very delicate and sensitive mind, we believe that the pressure will not destroy this

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