Pax brand version of Western Kentucky Grilled PA achievement

do you know of a fast-food restaurant in Xinjiang, everything is modeled on the mode of operation of Kentucky, through continuous exploration and innovation, accurate positioning, is now slowly to the "western fast food giant change.

‘s roast PA, a "copycat Kentucky" is how to become a western fast food giant "

1998, the "best food bully" founder Wang Junling opened the first "Pax restaurant in Xinjiang Urumqi, the main western fast food. With a burger and fries as the core product line, red decoration environment and low price, so in a long time, known as KFC copycat version. In this regard, Wang Junling does not deny. The company was founded at the beginning, Wang Junling is on, including KFC fast-food giant. During this period, PAX almost mimics the entire mode of kfc. "The supplier is KFC, even the shop floor tiles are like KFC, is shipped from Guangzhou suppliers."

and imitation brings serious sequelae. 2002 Kentucky "Xinjiang", the first store opened in the opposite of pax. Although the quality of Pax does not lose the foreign rivals, even cheaper, but "do good is false," Pax’s business has a direct impact. Pain is thought change. By chance, Wang Junling learned a barbecue in ancient Kroraina production method. This method is using a device of furnace water to control the temperature and humidity, roast meat outside brown and crispy, tender and juicy. Wang Junling inspired. After many experiments, he finally realized "edge edge steaming roast" with modern production equipment, and the report conducted a comprehensive transformation, will be the main product positioning for the "baked", "Roast Chicken experts" to redefine the brand, both delicious health concept, go out a difference with the fast food compartment of the road.

after the transformation of Pax was renamed the "best food bully". In order to realize the standardization of products copy, Wang Junling asked the United States and Singapore food technology automation design experts, this ancient craft into Roast Chicken production line system automation, standardization, and by the famous German food equipment manufacturers Rational company for the production equipment, ready for the brand chain.

began the chain operation of best food bully 2008 came into contact with the capital, and the successful listing in 2015, becoming the first company listed on the new board of chain catering enterprises. The best food bully in the country has more than 110 stores. Which nearly 70 outlets, the annual turnover of about $300 million.

entrepreneurs are not afraid of imitation, fear is the same, do not know how to reform, conservative. Best food bully reveals a truth: after.

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