Shoes and clothing stores to digest inventory several coup

shoes and apparel industry has been very popular in the industry, the object in the current market is also a lot of people the choice of business, many entrepreneurs in the business, choose to open their own shoes and clothing stores, in the face of competition of the market, entrepreneurs should how to digest inventory? The following Xiaobian to introduce you some tricks.

shoes store inventory digestion, the first one: clean electric magic.

of e-commerce, is changing the traditional shoes and apparel brand marketing mode, but also broaden the channels to digest inventory. In the commodity circulation industry developed in Yiwu, there are at least dozens of shoes and apparel enterprises engaged in stock trading network. The electricity network trade with low transaction costs, the advantages of high efficiency, fast fashion brand shoes and apparel to solve one of the elimination of channel inventory. You can use the "triple play" sales model, will be "online" and "offline traditional store channel network" and "mobile phone network" triple play sales, to achieve the purpose of inventory clearing.

shoes store inventory digestion magic second strokes: "open sale".

"brand sale will be the biggest difference with the discount marketing is selling products in a specific period of time, such as shoes etc.. There is a time and varieties of constraints is wise, the positive digestive inventory of the state, at the same time, also gives consumers a chance to big, to attract a lot of fans of panic buying can also put some inventory into cash. But open shoes and apparel brand sale will have a principle: no damage to shoes and apparel brand reputation, image, also cannot affect the relationship with suppliers.

shoes store inventory digestion magic third measure: advertising replacement.

shoes brand advertising has a brand, to maintain high awareness of the role of brand image, any ads are the brand long term investment. Advertising is not everything, but no advertising is absolutely impossible. Consumers to buy the product is the pursuit of "real interests + psychological benefits", advertising can also meet the psychological needs of consumers. So the shoes and apparel brands and advertisers can cooperate, with goods to offset the advertising expenses, we all benefit. But in the deposit products for advertising must be signed an agreement, offset by advertising products to enter the shoes and apparel sales, the retail price is not lower than the minimum value of the goods market.

shoes store inventory digestion magic fourth strokes: to participate in the exhibition.

fairs mainly rely on price advantage to attract customers through brand shoes and apparel showcase, price concessions, to attract a large number of specific consumer groups to buy inventory, inventory sales go directly to. So to participate in the exhibition is a good way to sell inventory backlog of products. Lift the price and then discount, such tricks as we all know, but consumers are willing to accept such a discount".

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