What do you want to open a hot pot restaurant

shop entrepreneurship, and now the competition is so fierce, if you do not do a good job related to the preparatory work, you want to shop after the success of the business will be difficult to achieve the goal. So, if we want to start a business, naturally need to do more preparation. So, what do you want to open a hot pot restaurant?

first, the shop before the psychological preparation

to do a good job involved in the preparation of long-term hardship, many people want to open a hot pot shop only to see the cash flow is good, the return is more ideal, and ignore the hard side of the industry.

two, ready to go out of the misunderstanding of the relationship to prepare

some investors hold the idea of "I have more friends, more friends, my friends and I eat out for a year.". In fact, the catering industry is doing real market, the relationship only icing on the cake, but not timely assistance.

three, ready to watch the time bomb ready

catering industry has two times high time bomb, fire safety and food hygiene. The fire work shall not be careless, the kitchen fire, electricity, oil must be careful, once the accident, not only to suffer economic losses, but also bear criminal responsibility; and if not to pay attention to food hygiene, a food safety incidents, enterprises will suffer crowning calamity.

four, before opening the funds to prepare

engage in a traditional catering first-tier cities, have a certain scale is conducive to market competition, because competition Hot pot industry more and more intense, the single scale is also growing, small living space has become increasingly limited.

At present,

, a 600–800 square metres, 60–80 table Hot pot shop, probably to prepare 600 thousand yuan of funds, including at least 7 months rent (including the first half of the rent and the amount equivalent to one month’s rent deposit), decoration, facilities, staff recruitment and training, pre purchase advertising other expenses, and prepare for 100 thousand yuan for capital turnover.

a lot of people think that the hot pot shop to do the preparation work is just the preparation of funds, it can be a big mistake, the real success of the shop ready, we need to be psychologically prepared. So, although the preparation of the above Xiaobian is not much, but if you want to open a hot pot shop, these preparations can do enough?

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