The moon found mysterious spires of experts to coordinate the crater shadow

recently claimed that astronomers, discovered a mysterious spire in the moon, the height of over 5000 meters, many people guess for the alien architecture. Some experts said that this is reflected in the photo on the shadow of the crater.

UFO Explorer found in Google earth mystery pyramidal structure on the moon, causing network readers hot, some people think it is an illusion, some people think that only the "alien" to explain.

UFO daily observation site (UFO  Sightings  Daily) edited by · Waring (Scott  C ) believes that this is evidence that the moon has a mysterious artificial architecture.


Hualin "this is the legend of the moon tower. As early as 1967, it was found in the surveyor 3 (Orbiter  3) photos of such a structure. "

he further analysis: "according to the Google scale, this spire structure is as high as 5.86 km (3.64 miles), but this is only a numerical evaluation, there may be differences in height up to 0.8 kilometers (half mile). "

according to Waring said: "the spire looks from the crater center is outstanding, but these are not craters, structure but many white glossy little things. The purpose of the building is spire to accommodate a very large ship, so that ships can be parked safely without landing on the lunar surface. "

Comparison of

the mysterious structure in different color contrast.

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