Three reasons may lead to the failure of wooden doors

joined the building materials industry in recent years has been developing well in the public entrepreneurship peoples innovation era, along with so many guests took to the road to riches. However, many entrepreneurs will find that even if the project is a good prospect of development, but there are still many entrepreneurs are facing the crisis of closing. Here we talk about the reasons for the failure of investment wooden doors.

two reasons: the wrong selection of wooden stores. Wrong positioning is doomed to the wrong choice, a lot of wooden door franchisee in the choice of the brand is always very contradictory. Both want to choose a promising brand, and even brand manufacturers threshold is too high; not only want to choose a profitable brand, and that brand price is even lower than the hodge. In fact, the world where there is a free lunch. If a brand operator does not require him to join the team, it means they have no confidence in themselves, or the ability to manage the market is not.

three reasons: the wooden store management mistakes. If the franchisee in the positioning and selection of links are correct, the doors still not ready, then to analyze what is their business out of the question, I have seen a franchisee in the orientation and choice of sectors are doing well, but for two or three months he said to give up, just understand know, the original is the original franchisee for kitchen cabinets, cabinets and her business is doing well, there is no energy to take care of the doors.

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