Senior Taobao shop owner to disclose the truth Taobao Entrepreneurship

2014-2015 Taobao business is very prosperous, then, in 2016 Taobao venture also make money? Taobao, Taobao, the owner of the real estate business to reveal the truth of the people, people interested in the business of Taobao, may wish to take a look at it!

but now Taobao is also suitable for business


1, the young man’s entrepreneurial passion is not worth the money.

@ hurried ants: Taobao is constantly changing the rules of the game, it is through changing the rules in the use of a wave of young people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm for their services, to help them make money. You are nothing but the wheat in their fields, and the purpose of your growth is to reap the harvest, to burn a fire, and to turn it into a new crop of wheat. Anyway, the new wheat next year and yichayicha long life and growth in nature.

The deadly

see around the situation is recommended

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