How to manage students daily necessities

is known to all, although students are not the main economic income, but has a huge market purchasing power, student learning supplies is a huge business opportunities, hidden huge profits. So, how to manage student supplies? May wish to take a look at!


based on system management, student supplies franchisee and humanized management. That is, "can not always go act tough and talk soft", is bound to lose. School supplies stores of the humanized management, to fully understand their own staff, student supplies stores operators should be more communication with employees, listen to the voice of the staff, untie the knot of employees etc..

The first is

two, student supplies stores and shops to pay attention to the structure of the shops in the area size and visibility; shop building structure, there is no shape; urban planning restrictions, such as hydropower, sewer, heating and other conditions.

three, student supplies stores to public transport facilities and the location of the road to see the store. Road conditions refers to the width of the road, traffic congestion and traffic control, etc., it is not only related to the flow of passengers, but also with the stationery store on the goods have a direct speed.

four, student supplies shop is located in the joining position >

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