Child feeding opportunities runiang good prospects for the company

is known to all, whether it is under what kind of environment, breast milk is the most healthy, but now the social environment is very bad, because some mothers anxious to go back to work, there is no way to breastfeeding, some mothers are not breast milk, so that children become a nurse the problem!

out so that the country can enjoy the healthy growth of babies, breast milk, can offer runiang brokerage company. Specific ideas:

A, personnel selection. Due to the particularity of lactation, employees can not be fixed. The excess milk can only contact the school-age women, interview, physical examination, fill out the information, archive record, as groups of employees, archives for 3 years.

two, customer contact. When there is a user to get in touch with them, the two sides meet, the children try to drink, if the parents are satisfied that the intention of the two sides signed a contract.

three, expenses and employee benefits. Because the industry is emerging, without warning, freedom and great, preliminary decision reference KTV treatment measures. The employees and customers after the signing of the contract by time or by day settlement, the company record attendance, the end of the month in accordance with the individual income paid to employees attendance of 70%, 30% as brokerage income.

four rate. Reference to the same period the market price of high-grade imported milk powder, which is regarded as a time / day to develop. Five, the brokerage firm is responsible for coordinating all the business contacts between employees and customers, if the staff in the middle of a single contact with customers, all problems, the company does not assume any responsibility.

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