Guangzhou E commerce Teaching into a new hot spot of Vocational Education

with the deepening of employment pressure on college students, many students have begun to start their own school during the study, both to achieve revenue, but also exercise practical ability. Most people choose to start from e-commerce, the first bucket of life to explore the venture capital fund.

students last year, this year has become a monthly sales of nearly $20 thousand of cross-border electricity supplier project "boss"! In Nansha District Lanhe town Guangzhou city of electronic commerce technical school day ago founded the city’s first school student e-commerce business park and "good Tesco" micro mall, to encourage students to entrepreneurship. At the same time, 9 students from the school’s professional class of cross-border electricity supplier was founded in the first half of the year, has landed a number of domestic electricity supplier platform, the product is sold to 6 overseas countries.

– "90" girls with a team of 9 business month sales of nearly $20 thousand

"we mainly in Lanting Pavilion set potential, aliexpress, Alibaba and foreign trade export trade platform bags, has now been sold to South Korea, Italy, Russia and other 6 countries." Wang Guiting said that due to the school’s technology, capital, supply and other aspects of support to help their own business is relatively smooth. Now every month sales of electronic business platform has reached nearly $20000.

– run business park 11 companies

"our school has been very focused on the mode of cooperation innovation of e-commerce enterprises, and actively encourage students to entrepreneurship." Yang Zhihuang, chairman of Guangzhou electronic commerce technical school, said that in September this year, the school’s e-commerce students park officially put into use. The park built on campus, further narrowing the distance between enterprises and students.

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