How to deal with the off season dessert shop

a shop run off-season is no longer a normal thing, however, how to grasp the off-season, so that the store to get a better operation, which is actually a very important thing. So, how to deal with the dessert off-season? Let Xiaobian to introduce you to a few strategies to see if it will help you to operate your dessert shop.

remember Taiwan entrepreneurs have a rule like this, "ice cream" effect, is in the off-season can also do business, or in the off-season for the coming season full of ingredients prepared dessert if during the off-season well in business, then the business will be better in the season the. The following is recommended for your dessert boss, in the off-season experience strategy.


to know how to take precautions

want to do off-season business, so you have to start from the season’s marketing activities. The so-called marketing activities, is an emphasis on the system plan, and consistency of business behavior, and for dessert marketing work, especially changes in the market trend is clear, to try to make changes ahead of the market.

so, dessert should start before the spring season off-season marketing plan good holiday, followed by periods of spring to make full use of good atmosphere and popularity, it is necessary to carry out the off-season marketing work ahead of time. On the contrary, if you wait until the time to enter the off-season began to carry out marketing activities, then the cost of marketing will become very high, and the difficulty will be larger.

2, to do a good job in the marketing transformation between the short season

dessert shop marketing is the core idea of ‘take advantage of the season, take advantage of the off-season’. Take advantage of that season, to maximize sales profit; the off-season take power, which gets the highest point for the value of things, the valuable things also include brand popularity, good reputation and popularity and so on, in order to establish long-term strategic advantage of dessert.


season in the "potential" and "benefit" is inseparable, because if there is no off-season "potential" to pave the way, then in the season when it is difficult to obtain "profit"; on the contrary, if there is no season ”, then the dessert industry can not support to the off-season to obtain the "potential".

3, to grasp the off-season high tide

In fact, after the Spring Festival

dessert season, in fact there are still some small consumption hot spots, so the dessert as soon as possible to develop a marketing plan, then is to open in the promotion work properly and logically arranged, do not underestimate these small off-season, to strive in these small climax, there will be a harvest.


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