Join the selected blue Qinyuan tea drinks tea what

is probably because of the quickening pace of life, let us all feel like they less that the entertainment type free life time, because this may be the reasons for the existence of the leisure consumption, very popular esteem, intelligent gamma tea machine, strong attack, innovative sales model, has launched a new consumption boom we bring real tongue tea. It caters to the consumer psychology of modern people, and brings us satisfied products. Blue Qinyuan tea market, do not worry about profit. Blue Qinyuan tea jiamengfei? Here are introduced in detail with a look!

LAN Qinyuan tea? How much money to join? See the following details:

LAN Qinyuan tea cost:

from the current Chinese consumer market, we are unable to express the love of milk tea. China tea market is in full development stage, good tea brand will occupy a good market. Blue Qinyuan tea, innovative sales model, to meet the majority of consumer groups demand, it is a significant advantage, worthy of choice.

LAN Qinyuan tea advantage:

1. advantage brand concept:

LAN Qinyuan Hot Tea, HK Style franchise uphold the design foundation of Hongkong is rigorous, the pursuit of personalized, fashionable, after years of market experience, the product has been the majority of Hongkong people think it is very representative of the people of Hongkong authentic tea culture fashion drinks, "Lan Qinyuan" brand is a way of life, is a kind of tea culture the definition, is a philosophy of life, is a kind of fashion for advocating healthy leisure life.

2. all over the country to join the network:

has all over a city many hundred nationwide chain stores, the sales market has covered Hongkong, Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hubei, Hunan, Hebei and other provinces, rapidly expand nationwide.

3. perfect logistics network:

LAN Qinyuan Hot Tea, HK Style headquarter has logistics distribution system unified coordination and management, not only make the product standardization, optimization of distribution and combination, the scale effect was obtained to maximize the delivery of goods, more efficient, more competitive price.

4. strict quality control:

"blue Qinyuan" dedicated to the quality supervision departments of quality inspection, and strive to protect the interests of customers, the product quality risk reduction.

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