Lei Jun today’s entrepreneurs are lucky

many entrepreneurs are complaining about entrepreneurship is very difficult, in fact, the entrepreneurial environment is now much better than in the past. Lei Jun entrepreneurs believe that today’s entrepreneurial environment better than 20 years ago, we are more than one hundred times, there may be more than ten thousand times. "We didn’t give you any money at that time. It was very difficult to finance."

millet technology founder and CEO Lei yesterday received several mainstream media interview, talked about the millet Internet thinking, the future listing of the plan, millet ecological chain and internationalization, and Dong Mingzhu gamble of several subjects, and again responded to the outside world for millet plagiarism criticism.

Most of the information

and Lei Jun do more in line with the mainstream media "politically correct" stance, such as hope domestic counterparts in the competition to raise a gun feet, in order to promote industrial progress, together to fight for more overseas markets. Recently, HUAWEI, millet and Meizu around the release of new machine of slobber war lasting, even Lei Jun and Yu Chengdong had a "Navy" loudspeaker.

about the future of millet, Lei Jun said that within five years will be more than GREE. He imagined a millet can also maintain 100% growth next year this week, and he said in an interview with Japanese media for the 50% to 100% growth that agree without prior without previous consultation. But the growth is not entirely from the mobile phone millet, millet Lei Jun pointed out two new models: one is the direct integration of third party service, bypassing the App Distribution Service: two hardware is to replace the App hardware to create millet ecological distribution.

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