2015 pan talk Liu Qiangdong dialogue entrepreneurs Pan Shiyi

every entrepreneur has a unique understanding for their own path of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship as a successful model, has the practical significance of Jingdong CEO Liu Qiang East. He recently in a conversation with Pan Shiyi, and Pan Shiyi dialogue entrepreneurs.

12 21, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong came to talk about pan, made a deep conversation with Pan Shiyi, they are two out of rural entrepreneurs, there are a lot of things more is revealed, and discussed the rural electricity providers, the future of the world, entrepreneurial road.

in the pan on the East, and Laopan talk a lot, if it is thrown out a lot of new ideas, his twelve years of entrepreneurial Jingdong the way a lot of valuable experience, entrepreneurial ideas and thinking and he proposed is very down to earth, at the same time, he told business failure evaluation is worth we reflect on the media.

if there has always been very strong hometown feelings, the Jingdong of rural electricity supplier strategy is first rolled out from his hometown of Suqian, and most of the staff from the China rural Jingdong. The rural electricity supplier has a special significance for the Jingdong, a commercial channel sink, emotional connection taste, East miss home Qingshi tofu, Laopan still feel that a bowl of noodles.

Twelve years

The other side:


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