Small business to choose a good product franchise USB

with the development of society and the progress of science and technology, a variety of high-tech products into millions of households, of which the most typical is the electronic products. The Internet era, the rapid development of electronic products, USB product interface products with fashion, sophisticated, practical, energy-saving and other characteristics, is very popular with the computer family. With the popularity of computers, its business opportunities are to be excavated. Open a USB interface products franchise stores, for those who want to engage in small business is a very good choice.

investment analysis

if business start-up capital is not much, you can rent a seven or eight square meters of the counter in the computer store, sold in the form of a special counter, thus eliminating the high window rent, but also can attract customers flow computer city. The counter booth and progress payment, an estimated ten thousand yuan will be able to put up with the counter. If you have enough money on hand, in the downtown area of the city rent 10 square meters of the store (annual rent by $50 thousand), after all, the influence of independent stores and customer trust than the pendulum is much larger. Spend twenty thousand yuan a simple decoration, store layout as far as possible a little cartoon, a little strange, young state, a visual impact, but also to some popular elements. Coupled with the first into the purchase price, about 100 thousand yuan starting enough.

the name of publicity

a fashion point name, the fashion consumer groups, called USB pop, USB three letters must be written and individuation, elegant chic, shop signs on the plus side name: computer companion monopoly. Don’t care whether others can react to what USB means, if people are curious, they will be attracted to the store to see what. Pick a few others are unheard of posters affixed to the window on the street, attracting people’s attention to and fro.


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