To learn to establish the correct values of entrepreneurship before innovation and Entrepreneurship

colleges and universities is to cultivate talents for social development, entrepreneurship education is the focus of entrepreneurship in the last two years. Education experts also proposed to strengthen entrepreneurship education skills, students need to first establish a correct concept of entrepreneurship and career.

in the good situation of reform and innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities, also appear to be wary of blindly and aggressive signs, especially to clarify some misunderstanding and misleading on entrepreneurship education. Its outstanding performance has three: one is the narrow field of vision, will start the "industry" simply as "enterprise"; the two is quick, blindly encourage students from professional learning process, early intervention entrepreneurial practice; three is to have the order reversed, too much emphasis on entrepreneurial knowledge and skills training, simply to entrepreneurial success as the talent training the standard form, ignoring the sound personality.

vigorously promote entrepreneurship education is not to blindly encourage the students from the classroom, from the professional, out of school and into the sea, which not only increases the students’ personal growth and risk, but also exacerbate the risk of the whole society. It is an objective fact that the young students have a huge entrepreneurial impulse and potential, which is an important goal of higher education. Such a conversion process can not be separated from the classroom teaching, professional education and the necessary entrepreneurial training and practice.

traditional venture on the disconnection between education and practice, teaching methods single, pertinence is not strong, lack of practice platform shortage, guidance is not in place, we must vigorously strengthen the entrepreneurship practice, but not too quick. For all students with entrepreneurial opportunities and provide accurate guidance for specific student support at the same time, but also focus on the long term, improve the training system of conventional talent, entrepreneurship education into the whole process of professional education, recommended

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