Coyote attacks on children dampen fun at Alberta citys Christmas festival

first_imgAIRDRIE, Alta. — Warning signs have been set up and patrols have been increased in an Airdrie, Alta., park after two children were bitten by a coyote during a Christmas season festival.Officials are also in talks with Alberta Fish and Wildlife about whether the coyotes should be destroyed following attacks that happened days apart at the conclusion of the event’s evening program.They say a boy was bitten on the neck on Monday, but wasn’t seriously hurt because the animal’s teeth could not penetrate the child’s winter clothing.A staff member tagged the coyote with a paintball gun for possible future identification.The other attack happened last Friday when a child was bitten on the leg, but again heavy winter clothing prevented any injury.It’s not known if the same coyote is responsible for both attacks.“It’s a concern,” said Lorne Stevens, Airdrie’s director of community infrastructure.“The Festival of Lights draws a number of families and small children and folks walking their dogs. Nose Creek Park is a central park in our community and the pathways lead into here.”The City of Airdrie said hazing methods have been attempted in recent months in an effort to instill fear of humans in the emboldened coyotes. Workers have fired guns, spread bear urine and baited live traps after several encounters between wild animals and pets.For the remainder of this year’s festival, staff will remain in the park each night until all guests have left.“We want to make sure that visitors to Airdrie who come out to the festival, as well as our residents, are safe and protected from attacks,” said Stevens. (CTV Calgary)The Canadian Presslast_img

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