Quantum foam is devoted to making a cup of coffee

now all walks of life and the Internet have close contact, the coffee industry is no exception, now "Internet plus cafe" mode just red, the high popularity of quantum Cappuccino has been high, and the quantum Cappuccino but just want to make a good cup of coffee.

now compared to the cafe when queuing to buy coffee, that should be up to the U.S. group, Baidu takeaway line at the team member. How to compete with foreign brands such as Starbucks and Costa, said Li Jun, founder of quantum coffee, we also want to create a Chinese coffee brand.

Li Jun to "entrepreneur" reporters, the quantum Cappuccino has been on the line 7 and 5 Bing Bing coffee drinks, also recently launched a brand of coffee "time tunnel". Li Jun believes that the generation of coffee to replace the high degree of service to replace, really want to precipitate customers or to do their own brand of coffee. To this end, the choice of the quantum foam coffee industry, high-quality coffee beans, syrup and milk and coffee machines and other products, to create a high quality of the "quantum foam coffee".

In fact, this is also the quantum

Li Jun before founding quantum Cappuccino in electricity generation operation industry has a wealth of experience, and the information management system of enterprises is very familiar with ERP. Li Jun believes that the quality of the ERP accounted for half of the success or failure of the retail industry, the future of quantum foam coffee also plans to provide ERP services for all coffee companies.


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