Three trick to teach you to identify customer buying signals

will be able to do business people can easily infer that customers have no desire to buy, the emergence of such a signal, the salesperson has something to do. The customer is often not willing to admit that he has been convinced by the salesman, but by making other hints signal to tell the salesperson can do business with him, so buy signal on the customer’s recognition and confirmation, the sensitivity of sales staff need judgment and occupation of the good.

although now the network technology is developed, the information asymmetry in the commodity market is greatly reduced, but there is still no identification of any substitute sales to customers to buy signal. So how will customers reveal their purchase intentions? The client sends a signal to buy is varied, we are generally from three aspects to identify its buy signal, three is our sales staff to identify customer buy signal (including: listen to words and tone of voice), to observe the line and observe the situation.

from the speech signal to identify the buy signal

from the action signal to identify its buy signal


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