Mianyang cross border electricity supplier platform official operation

electric hot development, throughout the country on both sides of the Changjiang River, at the same time in order to further expand the market, cross-border electricity has become a mainstream trend of development. At the same time the development of cross-border electricity providers, cross-border electricity supplier platform is essential to build! Let us look at the following, the formal operation of cross-border electricity supplier platform in Mianyang!

6 month 30, after the inspection of the 200 parcels by customs, commodity inspection, will be shipped to the United States and australia. This is the first cross-border electricity supplier to complete the export of goods in Mianyang, marking the formal operation of cross-border electricity supplier platform in Mianyang.

Mianyang cross-border electricity supplier clearance by the cooperation platform, Mianyang hi tech Zone and the dragon network, can provide customs clearance, inspection, finance, logistics, warehousing, sorting, back-end financial services for cross-border business and other one-stop comprehensive public service, customs clearance time is shortened to 1 days from the traditional mode of 7 days. Mianyang hi tech Zone is expected to cross border electricity supplier to achieve the scale of the operation of the platform, the year can drive the Sichuan made to achieve export $100 billion.

in February this year, Chengdu in the national cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area 1 months later, the first in the province launched a cross-border trade e-commerce public service platform. Mianyang Foreign Trade Bureau of Commerce Bureau responsible person, Mianyang platform will access the Chengdu platform, sharing Chengdu’s cross-border electricity supplier policy, ports, operations and other resources. Next, Mianyang cross-border electricity providers will also actively cooperate with the customs clearance platform and other cities in Northeast Sichuan and docking, providing services to enterprises around.

clearance platform operations, just to carry out cross-border electricity supplier business prerequisites. Yesterday, Mianyang import and export trade center also simultaneously opened by the Mianyang nets trade hall and European coffee boutique global ecological Mianyang museum is composed of two parts, corresponding to cross-border export and import.

dragon network chairman, CEO Feng Jianfeng said, will be held in Mianyang and Russia, Czech, Indonesia Mianyang net trade center, high-quality goods and Sichuan Jina, combined with local consumption habits and local customs and practices of scene display, both supply and demand through APP instant communication.

"we will also combine overseas businesses to provide landing services for products." Dalong network responsible person, the exhibition will be in Mianyang before the net trade hall (showing) after the warehouse (Library) "mode, for overseas businessmen to open direct mining" made in Sichuan "channel. Yesterday, the American farmer Mike visits in Mianyang, reached 2 million yuan annual supply contract with a local chemical fertilizer plant, the prices of similar products in the United States is 4 cheaper, "small buyers, such as our order dispersion, needs a platform will provide quality products and identification of polymerization."

electricity supplier in the domestic market to rocket like speed in the continuous development of the future market, the electricity supplier will gradually go abroad, overseas! The Mianyang platform for cross-border electricity supplier formal operations, will be recommended

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