What are the names of the disabled Lanzhou kindergarten

talk about the name of kindergarten, a lot of people will think of a variety of "bilingual", indeed, this has become the most popular in the current market, the most common name of the nursery industry. However, it is not a place to give the name of the kindergarten can use such words, the name of the kindergarten in Lanzhou has a lot of taboos. So, what are the names of the disabled Lanzhou kindergarten?

Lanzhou city government to regulate the management of Preschool Education – kindergarten named disable bilingual and other words.

now, many kindergartens in order to attract attention, make a fuss in the name, frequently is the XX International Bilingual Kindergarten "," XX kindergarten art "and so on. According to the requirements of the Lanzhou municipal government, the city’s school education institutions and the name of the kindergarten should not be misleading with a "bilingual", "art", "center" and other words.

A, disable "bilingual" "art" and other words

lives in LanZhou West Railway Station public Yang Chen told reporters, "my child was in kindergarten well, we need to pay $220 more for this semester, parents to ask the reason, the original new kindergarten recruitment a college students majoring in English, the kindergarten became a bilingual kindergarten, charges will increase." Like this, Ms. Yang met encounter is common in Lanzhou City, many kindergartens or educational institutions is frequently hung on certain stately Children Art Center "sign.

in the future, Lanzhou City Education Department will not approve such kindergartens. According to regulations, the name of the school education institutions and kindergartens in Lanzhou should reflect the nature of the characteristics of the park, not with a misleading role of "bilingual", "art", "center" and other words. Reporters learned from the Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of education, Lanzhou will be the name of the kindergarten to be checked, unqualified will be rectified.

B, the total number of classes can not exceed the standard class 5

kindergarten children to attend business, this situation seems to be not uncommon. In the future, this behavior will Every order is executed without fail. Provisions of the Lanzhou municipal government, the city’s kindergarten in the internal activity of one day time in accordance with the "guidelines for kindergarten education" requirements, to the game as the basic forms of activities, the implementation of health, social, scientific, artistic language, the five major areas of education.

is prohibited to organize children to participate in the conservation of education unrelated to commercial celebrations, performances and other activities. In addition, the nursery may not be a special skill training in the name of the child, in the kindergarten during the day of activity alone or with other agencies to organize interest classes, and another charge.

kindergarten class capacity to lose weight!" Lanzhou City, the city’s strict control of kindergarten

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